Ra Ra Ra, when all is said and done, Here Come the Mummies are an amazing band to see live!

This night, eight of the Mummies converged on Fort Wayne, IN and played to a large crowd who knew nearly every word of their songs. The Mummies never disappoint their waiting fans in the energy and fun they have on stage. It doesn’t matter if it is a song with costumes, props, or dancing, the Mummies give it their all.

Starting the show was a parade down the steps and through the crowd to the main stage at Piere’s. They got right into it with a crowd favorite, Believe, followed by It’s On Tonight. The crowd sang every word, danced, and even went so far as to through their undergarments on the stage. Mummy Cass has an amazing voice and belts out the tunes all evening. The Pole, sporting very tall platform shoes a la Frankenstein’s Monster, is a master on the bass and even better at walking and dancing in those shoes. Their sexual innuendos are not wasted on the crowd, and the ladies LOVE the moves that Java Mummy sports on stage. From his giant tool used in Here Comes the Drill, to his growing groin in Libido Knievel, Java is a favorite with the ladies.

The Mummies are humorous on stage, but it is very apparent that they are amazing musicians. It is as though The Commodores touched a Tiki god found at the beach with Frank Zappa and they morphed into one. The Mummies are great showmen and always a fun time.

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