Colorado thrashers Havok brought an avalanche of metal music to their maniacal fans with a special hump day visit to the Loving Touch in Ferndale.

A Wednesday Hump Day became Thrash Day at the Loving Touch when Havok stop by on their way home to Colorado. The band have been supporting their outstanding album Conformicide and recently ended their tour with Anthrax and Killswitch Engaged. This touring leg includes a few headlining shows before they head over to Europe to thrash it up.

The evening’s festivities begin with a fistful of metalcore from My Own Will. Their music is reminiscent of White Chapel and Acacia Stain. Their tunes are packed with menacing riffs and body slamming breakdowns. The crowd do not hold back on showing their enthusiasm for the band.

Driving in from Lansing is the thrash band Tyrant. While a young band, their sound harkens back to the origins of speed and thrash metal. You hear the influence of Exciter, Tankard, and Grave Digger as they unfurl the flag of metal through their music. The band engages the audience and incites some fun in the pit. The roar of approval from the crowd is proof of a winning performance.

As “Bohemian Rhapsody” starts to play over the sound system at the Loving Touch, the crowd starts a circle pit. Everyone is singing along as excitement crackles in the air. When Havok rip into “Fatal Intervention,” the house goes nuts.

Fans up front scream along with David Sanchez (vocals/guitar) and flirt with whiplash from their vigorous headbanging. Guitarist Reece Scruggs sprays the fans with a torrent of notes as his fingers fly across the fretboard on “Hang ‘Em High” and “Prepare for Attack”. Nick Schendzielos is slapping that bass with precision and might on “F.P.C” and “Intention to Deceive”. One of the best metal drummers and a human atomic clock, Pete Webber demolishes his kit on “Unnatural Selection” and “Covering Fire”.

Covered in sweat yet still wanting the more, the crowd yells “One more song” after Havok leave the stage at the end of “Intention to Deceive”. The band is happy to give their diehard fans more and kick into a cover of “T.N.T.” by AC/DC before getting down to business with “D.O.A.” off their Times Is Up album. Thrash metal is alive and well with Havok at the helm.

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Event Date: 07-MAR-2017

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