This debut album by A Killer’s ConfessionUnbroken, fronted by Waylon Reavis of Mushroomhead has been highly anticipated. 

A Killer’s Confession debut album has been released through the EMP Label Group founded by Megadeath bassist Dave Ellefson.  Rounding out Reavis in this group are Matt Trumpy (guitar), Paul Elliott (Guitar) JP Cross (Bass) and Jon Dale (drums).  With Reavis’ history there was a lot of anticipation surrounding this album and it definitely delivers.

Unbroken is a straight up metal record with heavy riffs and the vocals that alternate between growls and melodic create an interesting overall sound and harmony.  The music is tight and the production of the album is excellent as you would expect from the parties involved.  There is not a weak song on this album and it takes you on a journey with its meaningful lyrics that you have to stop and listen to.  It is haunting and aggressive all at the same time.  Certain songs will bring to mind a very straight up heavy metal feel that is reminiscent of Lamb of God while other tracks like “Purification” are heavily industrial sounding.  This leaves the listener wondering where we are going next and how we are going to get there.  Other stand out tracks include “Rebirth” and “L.O.L Life of the Lost.”  

This album starts out strong from the very beginning track “Awakening.” Opening with a siren it launches into brutal riffs that meld with Waylon’s growling vocal.  At only roughly a minute and a half long this heavy song lets you know what you are in for.  From there you go straight into another heavy track “Spawn,” this one mixes the two vocal styles and creates a solid song.  From there as the album progresses you start to get a lot more of the industrial elements you might have been expecting from Waylon.  

Unbroken is a well done album that is different from a lot of the newer music that has been heard recently.  This will appeal to fans of metal and industrial alike.  

A Killer’s Confession
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