On Saturday evening, the “Grits & Glamour” tour featuring Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan delivered their unleashed musical show to a full house in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Two of country music’s finest female performers, Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis, entertained crowds as they filtered in packing Shipshewana Event Center. Lorrie and Pam amused the crowd with decades of hits between their two careers as well as their candid humor and storytelling.

The duo entered the stage together opening the show with a duet version of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” before alternating songs from each of their catalogs, both filled with dozens of hit singles. The crowd sang along while sitting at the edge of their seats.

The ladies took their seats on stools prepared for them, though Pam struggled to adjust hers to a comfortable height. After a moment, Lorrie spoke up and joked that she had spent a lot of time and money getting these stools for the two of them. If Pam didn’t like them, she was not buying here anything else!

The show continued with Lorrie talking of playing the Grand Ole Opry and how Pam and herself were both members of the Opry. Lorrie became the youngest member at the age of 15 in 1984 while Pam received the honor in 2000. While performing on the Opry stage at an early age, Lorrie would sing a song with George Jones (when he would show up), and she later added the song “A Picture Of Me (Without You)” to her own collection of hits.

Next, as Pam tried to talk, Lorrie joked that you could tell of her being a Tillis as she is “all about the stutter this evening.” Pam proceeded to tell Lorrie that she continues to do these shows with her to help her make enough money to retire someday in which Lorrie smirked back that she is the only female entertainer in Nashville to pay alimony.

Pam sang “Train Without A Whistle” off her RhineStoned album, after which she reminded Lorrie that Lorrie’s ex-husband, Jon Randall, was the writer.

Being on tour together, it only seemed right to collaborate a duet album. Dos Divasis a collection of 14 duets and individual tracks by Pam and Lorrie. Together they performed “I Know What You Did Last Night.”

As they talked about the music industry being family, Lorrie introduced her son, Jesse Keith Whitley, to the stage for a number while she accompanied him singing background. The son to Lorrie and the late Keith Whitley, Jesse numbed the crowd as he sang his father’s hit song, “Don’t Close Your Eyes.”

Following in their father’s footsteps, Lorrie and Pam continue to entertain the crowd’s both as a duet and individually as solo artists. The stage is set the same as it was when their fathers performed together with Mel (Pam) on the left and George (Lorrie) on the right, and the band behind them. They also performed a duet medley of George’s “Candy Kisses” and Mel’s “Burning Memories.”

The pair followed with a medley of Lorrie’s “I Guess You Had To Be There” and “What Part Of No” with Pam’s “Let That Pony Run” and “Don’t Tell Me What To Do.”

Earlier in the night, the ladies joked with the crowd that if there was a song they would like to hear, to write it down with a $100 bill and they would sing it as they added the money to their shoe allowance. Shortly after, a young man brought Lorrie a crisp C-note with a note to hear “If You Came Back From Heaven.” Lorrie, unsure of the words, sang the emotional song in acapella as the crowd returned with a standing ovation.

Lorrie was next with “Slow” from her current album, Letting Go…Slow, released earlier this year in 2016.

Lorrie and Pam closed their show with their own fun versions of “Country Boy” by Ricky Skaggs and “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” by John Denver.

After the show, as a way of saying thank you to the appreciative crowd, Lorrie and Pam sat at the merchandise table for hours to sign autographs for all those who waited in line, just as their fathers had done throughout their careers.

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Grits & GlamourSetlist:
01. Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell cover); 02. Watch Me; 03. Shake The Sugar Tree; 04. Except For Monday; 05. Cleopatra, Queen Of Denial; 06. A Picture Of Me (Without You); 7. Train Without A Whistle; 08. I Know What You Did Last Night; 09. Don’t Close Your Eyes (Keith Whitley cover); 10. Candy Kisses / Burning Memories (George Morgan / Mel Tillis covers); 11. I’ve Done Enough Dying Today; 12. Spilled Perfume; 13. I Guess You Had To Be There / Let That Pony Run / What Part Of Know / Don’t Tell Me What To Do; 14. If You Come Back From Heaven; 15. Slow; 16. Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life); 17. I Am A Woman; 18. Maybe It Was Memphis; 19. Something In Red; 20. Country Girl / Thank God I’m A Country Girl (Ricky Skaggs / John Denver covers)

Event Date: 29-Oct-2016