The former Misfit frontman blows the roof off The Brass Rail and raises the dead with opening band The Lurking Corpses.

What’s to do in the sleepy little mid-western town known as Fort Wayne on an uneventful Wednesday night? If you guessed raise a little hell, you would win the door prize. Though The Lurking Corpses took the stage about an hour late, it was well worth the wait for all the eager fans that were there to see them serve up their special blend of dead and creepy offerings.

The Lurking Corpses blazed through many of their well-known tunes like “The Leach and the Worm,” “The Children of the Dead,” and “The Maggots Ate Her Brain.” They worked the crowd into near frenzy with their spot on vocals, delivered in the form of a demented moan. Tight guitar riffs and almost violent timekeeping make the perfect melody keeping the crowd moving.

The Lurking Corpses ended their set with the popular Twisted Sister cover, “Burn In Hell,” before turning the reins over to the man of the evening.

Michale Graves started off with the new song, “Bedlam,” a freight train of a song with a driving beat. He was a man on a mission to peddle his version of the world, through his eyes in a plethora of songs spanning his entire career and bringing to life many tracks from his new album, When Worlds Collide.

Michale started the story as a dream. That dream brought forth the Misfit song, “American Psycho,” along with other hard hitters like “Speak of the Devil” and “The Beginning of the End.”

He finds his groove in the song “Monster Robot” in which he sings, “I am alive, I am alive.” He was more than alive; he was on fire. Michale delivered the vocals with great power and emotion. As a storyteller, he is both entertaining and believable.

The second part of Michales vision was The Lost Skeleton Returns. In it, fans were treated to songs like “The Shining,” “Hate the Living,” and “Forbidden Planet.” (The latter featured Chris Motionless of the band Motionless In White on the original track.)

Just when you thought Michale should be running out of steam, he kept going. If you are familiar with this great storyteller, you know he gives it 100% from the first note to the final chord each and every time. Whether he is performing for five people or 5,000, he gives the same raw passion and energy.

When Worlds Collide was the third and final phase of the story. The crowd enjoyed and sang along to “When Worlds Collide,” which had a fantastic intro by timekeeper Tony Baptist.

They played “Dying on a Sunday Morning,” which has an almost 50s rockabilly flair to it. The buttery vocals shined in this segment of the story.

Michale brought along hard hitters on this tour. With him are J.V. Bastard on bass and Loki on guitar, both of the band Darrow Chemical Company. Their performances were incredible. Well-timed background vocals, skill as musicians, and stage presence; this were the right choice for touring bandmates.

As good as the albums are the songs took on a new life. The band meshed perfectly; their chemistry was palpable, and their energy infectious. More importantly, the fans were loving every minute of it.

Michale ended the story during an encore with “Fiend Club,” “Seasons of the Witch,” and “Scream.” Michale Graves had everyone by the heart. With every eye on him, he played what some might argue was the best performance of “Dig Up Her Bones” a fan could hope to see.

Michale Graves is on tour through mid-June. If your world has the opportunity to collide with Michale Graves, do yourself a favor and take it. His show will be one of the best shows you have ever witnessed.

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