Great White rocks Casselman’s with their classic hits and special guests Grace’s Perios, Mr. Steak, and Romero Unplugged.

Radio personality Christopher Romero kicked off the evening with the Greenwall Brothers for an acoustic set of Romero Unplugged. Romero is quite the talent as he is a radio personality, actor, writer, producer, director, and musician with a number of bands under his belt.

Glam rock cover band, Mr. Steak, took the stage next, fully outfitted like they were right out of the 80’s. They wowed the audience with incredible energy as they played everyone’s favorite hair band hits.

Up next was the amazing cover band, Grace’s Period. They kept the already wild room alive as they played a wide range of all the fun, high energy hits that everyone knows and loves.

Hard rock legends Great White came out and awed the audience as they played some favorites. The band isn’t comprised of all the original members, but that didn’t matter to the audience. Great White didn’t miss a beat as they belted out all the songs that everyone had come to hear.

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