Butcher Babies amaze fans in Denver with special guests Upon a Burning Body, Glass Delirium, and Against Himself.

The night started off as Against Himself took the stage. The five-piece metal band was impressive considering they just formed late last year and are just now in the process of recording their first EP.

Denver locals, Glass Delirium, took the stage next and got the quickly filling Marquis pumped up with their high energy progressive rock. They have put out two albums and have had a member change between the two. Glass Delerium are stronger than ever since they formed seven years ago. They are currently in the process of writing their third album and even delighted the crowd with one of the new tracks from it.

Upon a Burning Body is a metal band from San Antonio who showed Denver what kind of music Texas can put out. They put out their first EP in 2005 and has released three full-length albums since.

Last, but certainly not least, the Butcher Babies played to the now packed room and left no one disappointed. These L.A. natives are fronted by two female rockers who really know how to belt out metal lyrics and perform an amazing concert.

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