Good Charlotte is the latest concert in Fremont Street’s One Louder free summer concert series.

Saturday night in Las Vegas has a lot of options, but tonight many are braving the heat and choosing to be part of the record breaking summer concert series on Fremont Street to see Good Charlotte.  The pop punk band is the fourth installment of this concert series and the crowd is huge.  It is hard to believe Good Charlotte has been doing this since 2000. They are out in support of their new album Youth Authority which was released after taking a multi-year hiatus and it is clear the crowd can’t wait.  

These shows on Fremont Street follow the free overhead light show.  As soon as that show ends the crowd begins to cheer and call for Good Charlotte.  The intro music changes and a Linkin Park song plays, presumably in honor of Chester Bennington and the crowd goes crazy, singing along. One more intro song is next and the band takes the stage, led by Benji and Joel Madden. They launch into the energy filled set.  This location is different than any other to play at. The stage is located between two casinos and under a canopy of lights creating a unique glow on the stage.  The heat is intense but it doesn’t seem to phase the band or the fans.  They open with “The Anthem” and the crowd is jumping and singing along. From there, the energy builds as they transition into “The Story of My Old Man,” and this powerful performance continues through other hits like “Girls & Boys” and “Riot Girl.”  During the whole set both Benji and Joel interact and communicate with the crowd – at one point asking for all the kids in the audience to be put up on the parents’ shoulder so the band could say “hi”.  You can see on the kids’ faces that this is the highlight of the night for them to have the band say “hi” and wave to them.

The set covers mostly the hits that the crowd can sing along to.  About a third of the way through they play “Life Changes”, the lead track on Youth Authority.  For this song, Joel teaches the crowd the chorus first so they can sing along, but it seems like most of the crowd is already familiar with this track.  The way the band and the crowd interact together is impressive and the crowd is feeding off the energy, not bothered by the warm temperature at all.  The sixteen song set closes out with arguably their biggest hit track, “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”  The crowd lingers hoping for just a bit more, but clearly not disappointed in what they received.

The One Louder concert series on Fremont Street continues to deliver and draw in huge crowds. The fact that these casinos are treating the locals and visitors to amazing free concerts is to be commended and the growing crowds clearly appreciate it, eager to see the next show.  

Good Charlotte
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Event Date: 22-Jul-2017

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