Falling in Reverse kicks off their tour in Las Vegas with support from New Years Day, From Ashes to New and Ice Nine Kills.

It is opening night of the Episode III tour and there is a near capacity crowd on hand for hometown favorite Falling In Reverse. This lineup for this tour is packed with powerhouse bands that are sure to deliver an energetic night. Up first is New Years Day, this female fronted heavy metal band is always exciting to see. This band has a great visual style, utilizing black and red in everything from the clothes to their hair. Tonight they play “Gangstar” from the most recent album Pop Goes Punk, they then pay tribute to Pantera with their cover of “F***ing Hostile” which is always a crowd favorite. The set is fast and they play as many songs as they can including their most recent hit “Shut Up” which Costello points out that is the first time they have ever performed it live and it is a perfect version of the song. This set not only opens the night perfectly but clearly shows what this band is all about.

From Ashes to New takes the stage next, and completely changes up the night with their unique sound. Two vocalists, one guitar and one drummer. The vocal is rap forward, but the music is purely heavy metal. Matt Brandyberry handles the rap vocal while Danny Case does both clean and unclean vocal. This vocal approach is familiar to fans of nu-metal, yet they somehow make it feel new and different. Guitarist Lance Dowdle is all over the stage and all three are silhouetted by smoke canons at various points of the show which creates a memorable visual. They interact with the crowd and the cellphones light up the room. By the end of their set the venue is practically shaking with energy from the crowd.

After one of the quickest set changes, it is time for Ice Nine Kills. This band has a great visual style, each member dressed and paying homage to horror movies, but they are so much more than their appearance. This metal-core band from Boston is the hardest band of the night. Singer Spencer Charnas really gets the fans going, calling for crowd surfing, and everyone is happy to comply. They open with one of their biggest hits “American Nightmare.” From there they move into “SAVAGES,” “A Grave Mistake” and “Stabbing in the Dark.” The performance is intense and filled with energy from both the band and the crowd.

It is now time for Falling in Reverse. The crowd begins to push closer to the stage, anxious to see Ronnie Radke and the rest. Radke is an unique performer, he paces back and forth at the front of the stage and the crowd starts to surf to try to get closer. This rock band has a loyal following especially locally and always draws a good crowd, they play here frequently but it has been a while since they headlined. They open with “I’m Not a Vampire,” “Rolling Stone,” and “Bad Girls Club” which really gets the fans singing along. Radke is right at the edge of the stage while Derek Jones, Max Georgiev and Tyler Burgess are right behind them. The music sounds exactly as expected and Radke’s vocal is strong. This performance is classic Falling in Reverse.

They move through their thirteen song set playing other favorites like “Losing My Life” and “Good Girls Bad Guys” before moving into a five song encore which includes two covers from Radke’s former band Escape the Fate with “Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche'” and “Situations” before closing out the night with “Just Like You.” The lengthy set is appreciate by the die hard fans and the covers of Escape the Fate are not something this crowd has seen before which really excites them.

Four bands deliver each deliver an energetic performance. This tour has it all, rock, hard rock, metal-core, nu-metal, theatrical and not. It is an intense night of music that doesn’t disappoint. This is a tour to see when it comes through your town.

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Event Date: 20-APR-2019

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