Ghost brought their Popestar tour to The Fillmore Detroit with support from Carpenter Brut.

The evening kicked off with the electro synthwave sounds of France-based Carpenter Brut. This three-piece played a set of synth-powered music that was a mix of electronic and metal; at times similar to some industrial artists like Front Line Assembly.

This reviewer had no prior knowledge of them but was immediately drawn to their sounds. The crowd was also drawn in from the start. The combination of the synthesizers, powerful drumming, and catchy-but-driving metal guitar riffs made for a great sound mix. They garnered a huge round of applause after every song, but especially after an inspiring and heavy cover of the Michael Sembello 80s song, “Maniac,” from the movie, Flashdance. That certainly grabbed the attention of the growing crowd and got them pumped up for the headliner of the evening.

The complete setlist for Carpenter Brut was “Escape from Midwich Valley,” “Division Ruine,” “Roller Mobster,” “Meet Matt Stryker,” “Turbo Killer,” “Anarchy Road,” “Disco Zombi Italia,” “SexKiller on the Loose,” “Le Perv,” and “Maniac”.

As The Fillmore filled to near capacity, the lights dimmed and the sounds of “Miserere Mei Deus” played followed by “Masked Ball” as the Nameless Ghouls of Ghost began to take the stage. They wasted no time firing the crowd up as they launched into their latest single, “Square Hammer,” from their Popestar EP. Papa Emeritus III emerged at the top of the multi-tiered stairs wearing a mitre and black robe to huge cheers.

Ghost’s set drew from all of their previous albums, Meliora, Opus Eponymous, and Infestissumam. They powered on with the hard- hitting song, “From the Pinnacle to the Pit,” and followed that up with “Secular Haze,” “Stand By Him,” “Con Clavi Con Dio,” and “Per Aspera Ad Inferi.”

At this point, the Sisters of Sin came on stage. They are two nuns who offer communion to the audience. Fittingly, the band played “Body and Blood” and “Devil Church.” They followed with their Grammy-winning song, “Cirice,” and “Year Zero.” The crowd went crazy and was one of the best crowds this reviewer has seen at a concert at The Fillmore. They were engaged as they sang along, cheered, and did plenty of crowd surfing.

Papa Emeritus III works the whole stage from side to side, up and down the stairs, as did the two guitarists and the bassist. As a band, they know how to keep the audience’s attention. Music is only one part of the show. They are also visually appealing with their identities kept secret with masks and makeup. The stage set is eye-appealing with the multiple tiers and a backdrop resembling a church with stained glass windows. To add to the visuals, they utilized smoke several times along with great stage lighting.

Following the slower paced songs “Spoksonat” and “He Is,” they cranked things up with “Absolution” and their heaviest song “Mummy Dust,” complete with a solo on portable AX-Synth by the keyboardist. At the end of “Mummy Dust,” multiple air cannons shot confetti into the air for almost a minute.  The crowd loved it.

Ghost closed out the main portion of their set with “Ghuleh / Zombie Queen” and one of their earliest hits “Ritual.” The band appreciated the loud-cheering fans as they lined up and took a bow to the crowd before the five instrumentalists exited. Papa Emeritus III stayed on the stage to chat with the audience.

Following some interaction between Papa Emeritus III and the audience, the band returned to the stage to close their show with “Monstrance Clock.” Papa explained that they close out every concert with this song.

Ghost is continuing to expand their fan base and tonight was no exception based on the huge rounds of applause and cheers. This show was the third time this reviewer has seen Ghost this year and the fourth time overall. Since seeing them a few years ago at Rock on the Range, their sound has evolved, and their global reach has greatly expanded. From the audience reaction tonight and at the two festivals this reviewer saw them at this year, it is clear that they will not be going away anytime soon. Do yourself a favor and check them out in concert when they come to a nearby city. You won’t be disappointed.

Ghost consists of Papa Emeritus III (vocals) and five Nameless Ghouls who represent the five elements; fire (lead guitar), water (bass), wind (keyboards), earth (drums), and ether (rhythm guitar).

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Carpenter Brut
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Event Date: 03-Oct-2016