Fuel are the second band to play the free summer concert series on Fremont Street with support from Tonic, Marcy Playground and Dishwalla.

Fremont Street and the Fremont Street Experience has been treating Las Vegas to free rock concerts from national acts for the past few summers.  This year they really packed their lineup with many big name acts that are sure to draw huge crowds if this Saturday night is any indication.  The second concert of the summer brought in hard rock favorites Fuel with support from Tonic, Marcy Playground and Dishwalla.  This lineup of four bands utilized both stages on Fremont street with Dishwalla and Tonic playing the first street stage and Marcy Playground and Tonic on the third street stage.  In this location, there was plenty of time for the crowd to travel between the two stages as they chose.

Dishwalla kicked off the night with a forty-five-minute set that included not only the hits like “Counting Blue Cars”, but many tracks off their new album Juniper Road.  From what they played, fans of this band will not be disappointed in this new album.  For early in the evening, there was already an impressive crowd for their set.  Next, the crowd travelled to the other stage to see Marcy Playground.  They were a different energy than Dishwalla being a three-piece, but the crowd was dancing along to all their songs and calling out for “Sex and Candy” which the band happily obliged playing this as the second to last song in their set after some good natured kidding with the crowd saying they don’t play that song any more.

At that point, it was time for Tonic, a perpetual favorite on Fremont Street.  They played this venue two years ago and it was clear the crowd was anxious to see them again.  They hit the stage and delivered exactly what was expected from them.  Many in the crowd commenting that they are so good.  Their set includes all the favorite from “If You Could Only See” to “You Wanted More” and everything in between.  Tonic is one of those bands that has a lot of hits that many don’t even remember until they see them live.  Their hour-long set left the crowd wanting more and primed for Fuel.

After a signature Fremont Street light show on the world’s largest LED screen Fuel hit the stage with an explosion of energy and music.  They calmly walked onto the stage and then the chaos began. Despite the fact that it was hot out these guys were full of energy from the moment the show began to the very end.  With five albums to draw from and countless hits like “Won’t Back Down,” “Falls on Me,” “Bad Day,” “Shimmer” and “Hemorrhage” they have plenty to draw from and keep the audience going.  The one surprise of the set was the cover of Tom Petty’s “Last Dance with Mary Jane” which was a pleasant addition that showed a different side of the band.  The current version of this band has only vocalist and guitarist Brett Scallions from the original lineup but Jason Womack (guitar), Phil Buckman (bass) and Shannon Boone (drums) make a solid lineup that is non-stop energy and excitement when they are on the stage.

After four hours of great rock music from classic 90’s and 00’s bands all for free, the crowd couldn’t have much to complain about.  This left everyone ready for the next acts of the summer which include Ann Wilson, Good Charlotte, Rick Springfield, Seether, Collective Soul and Chevelle.  Fremont Street is promising to bring the rock this summer and with this show, they did just that.

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Event Date: 10-JUN-2017

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