Everclear headlines the Summerland Tour with Marcy Playground and Local H.

The 90’s rock them at the One Louder Summer Concert Series as the Fremont Street Experience continues with The Summerland Tour.  This tour started by Everclear founding member and frontman Art Alexakis has been going on for quite a few years and it often makes a stop on Fremont Street.  Tonight the packed crowd is ready to be treated to some straight up rock music.  Local H starts the night off and this duo stole the show.  Both members play with such intensity it is hard to imagine how they will keep this up for the entire set, but they do.  One of the highlights of their set comes near the end when all three bands’ drummers play to one song.  This band is widely respected, but we don’t get to see them play often in Las Vegas which explains why the crowd made sure to get here early so as not to miss anything.  

Marcy Playground is next to the stage.  They played Fremont Street last year so much of the crowd knew what to expect.  They don’t disappoint playing all the songs people want to hear. Of course, the set is capped off with “Sex and Candy,” their most recognizable song, but there were so many more quality songs like “Punk Rock Superstar,” and “Rock and Roll Heros.”  They played a longer set this year and this is definitely appreciated by the fans.

Art Alexakis had been coming out to speak to the crowd all night and introduce the bands, but now it is time for his band Everclear.  It is easy to forget how many hits Everclear has had, but this set is sure to remind you.  “Heroin Girl,” “Father of Mine,” and “I Will Buy You a New Life” are the most well known songs of the set, but it is filled with other songs like “Normal Like You,” and “Everything to Everyone.”  With each song that is played the crowd is reminded once again why they love this music and how familiar they are with this band.  The four members work together interacting with the crowd and keeping the energy going throughout the whole set.  Closing out the SummerlandTtour it is a clear reminder to the fans why they look forward to this date every summer in Downtown Las Vegas.  This is a nostalgic trip through the fans musical history, but it draws a large and diverse crowd every year.  

Fremont Street keeps pumping out great free concerts for the music fans.  After this show they do diverge from the 90’s rock, but the fans are still sure to come out.  It is not often that you get to see bands like these for free in such a unique setting.

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Event Date: 30-JUN-2018

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