Fragile Porcelain Mice played at Pop’s in Sauget, IL, bringing back a long-time Thanksgiving tradition to the St Louis area.

Fragile Porcelain Mice have been a staple in the St. Louis area music scene for over twenty years, earning regional respect and a dedicated fan base along the way. Although they haven’t received much national attention, in the Midwest region they are treated like royalty, as it should be. While most people across the country were relaxing after a long day of family functions and a big meal, hundreds packed into Pop’s to pay tribute to one of the most steadfast and talented group of musicians to come out of the St. Louis area.

One of Fragile Porcelain Mice’s great strengths has always been their relationship with their fans. The band has always played with the fans in mind, treating them as their second half. Even when playing songs like, “More Cop Shows” and “Concept of Grief” songs that are iconic staples for the band, and are an expected part of their repertoire, The audience feels the energy and appreciation coming from the stage in waves. While FPM might be tired of playing these and a few other of their signature songs, it never shows during their live performances.

It had been three years since FPM played a Thanksgiving show at Pop’s, and the crowd was anxious to see the band come out of hibernation. Vocalist Scott Randall took the stage dressed as a pilgrim, his onstage antics, patter, and costuming as recognizable as his voice. Guitarist Tim O’Saben, bassist Dave Winkeler, and drummer Mark Heinz quickly set the pace for the night, ripping through song after song. As expected, the audience sang along to every word. All night long. Here’s hoping we aren’t kept waiting another three years for a show.

Another blast-from-the-past band, Bent, opened the night. Singer and guitarist Rob Wagoner joked about the band’s long-time reputation for doing such fantastic covers, then proved it by including songs by The Damned and Motörhead in their set. Bent’s sound had varying undertones over their ten years of activity, always rooted in punk, but with nods to classic rock and metal as well. Their punk rock days were the best received during their performance. Their combination of song choice and sense of humor were a perfect intro for this throwback Thanksgiving night tradition, and one St. Louis fans hope continues.

Fragile Porcelain Mice
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