Fozzy bring their high-energy show to downtown Chicago for the first time for the second leg of their Judas Rising Tour

Despite visiting the Chicagoland area many times over their eighteen year career, this was the first time for Fozzy performing within downtown Chicago. No matter where they perform, the crowds will surely follow. 

The Bottom Lounge was packed, ready and waiting for the band to take to the stage, chanting “FozzyFozzyFozzy!” One by one they took to the dark stage with red siren lights flashing, building the tension just that little bit more, until Chris Jericho joins them. Beginning their set with “Judas” from their current album of the same name, they did not take their foot off the gas for one second as they unrelentingly banged out one song after another. This was the perfect way for the audience to blow off the mid-week cobwebs as they sang along.

If ever there was a fully-engaged audience, it was this one. Within seconds of Rich Ward giving the signal for some of the fans to jump over the barrier to join them on stage, he was joined by a number of them jumping and passionately singing along with them. Jericho commented the similarities between the scene and those regularly witnessed at a Steel Panther show but noting they aren’t prejudiced as they invited but men and women to join them.

The fans gave back every bit as much as they received with the energy being matched throughout the venue. The crowd and band members alike had big smiles across their faces from start to finish. The band held everyone’s attention throughout the show, as they each jumped around the stage and Jericho and Ward both bridging the gap to the barrier to bring the show right up to the audience. This was a visual fest throughout, with Jericho continuing his tradition of donning his signature light up WWE jacket as well as firing a smoke gun across the stage and crowd. 

However, don’t let the thought of the visual aspects of this show take away from the music. Song after song, the fans enthusiastically sang along. Despite the lead singer being well-known for other ventures, these guys are a true honest-to-goodness rock band who deserve every bit of attention for their music. There wasn’t a single lull all night. Their cover of Abba’s “S.O.S.” which has become a staple in their setlist over recent years, strangely works and didn’t feel out of place, but added to the fun of the night.

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Bottom Lounge
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Event Date: 28-MAR-2018

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