The champions of the nu metal sound take to the Windy City on the wings of their new album, Rivals.

In a whirlwind show of high spirits, comebacks, and a renaissance of sounds, Chicago had the pleasure of taking in the well rounded bill of Jasta opening for Fear Factory with Coal Chamber headlining.

Jamey Jasta’s solo project, Jasta, put on the show that was to be expected of the energetic frontman of Hatebreed fame. He played songs from his solo album as well as hits from his involvement in Kingdom of Sorrow with “Buried in Black” and closed out the night with Hatebreed’s staple track, “I Will Be Heard.” The sheer positivity that emanates from Jasta’s excitement to perform only magnifies under the weight of his lyrics of perseverance.

Next on to the stage came Fear Factory who, the very next day, released their ninth and newest album, Genexus. The band as a whole gelled together masterfully with the industrial metal sounds of which they have been at the helm since 1989. Burton C. Bell’s vocals, to the delight of fans, echoed cold as he belted the chorus to their new single, “Dielectric,” as well as crushed with bestial fury as he tackled “Powershifter.” The band ended their set with fan favorite “Replica” off the Demanufacture LP (1995).

And at the top of the bill came Coal Chamber, still reeling in the fans’ excitement of their reunion to their original lineup and the release of their first LP in 13 years, Rivals. Frontman Dez Farfara took to the stage with a painted face and screamed into a glowing green microphone quickly demonstrating that this is no DevilDriver show.

A shirtless Mike Cox sat in front of the flashing video screen and slammed away behind the kit dripping in sweat from the start of the set. Nadja Peulen emerged from red and blue smoke tapping the thundering grooves to the tunes on her bass. And finally, the intensely wiry Miguel Rascón remained constantly on the move as he shredded away on his axe as well as screamed into the talk box, providing the dark and grinding sound for which the the band has been renowned.

Coal Chamber’s set ignited by opening with favorites “Loco” and “Fiend.” They incorporated new material such as their opening track off Rivals, “I.O.U. Nothing.” Their performance concluded with “The Roof is on Fire.” Through and through, it was a crowd pleasing evening and an iconic performance to remember.

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