Fitz and The Tantrums brought their non-stop dance party to Atlantic City last Friday night to an overenthusiastic music loving crowd!

Fitz and The Tantrums stopped in at the Borgata Casino’s Music Box last Friday night while touring in support of their latest album More Than Just A Dream. The album, released in May of 2013, was well received and spawned two great singles, the catchy Out Of My League and The Walker, whose infectious ‘whistle hook’ caught the eye of one of their more famous fans, Ellen DeGeneres, who then used that song in her clever 2014 Academy Awards show trailer.

This album is their follow-up to their critically acclaimed début studio album called Pickin Up The Pieces. At the time of its release it seemed like this band just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. But with great songs such as Moneygrabber and Don’t Gotta Work It Out, they simply grabbed everyone’s attention. I thought it was one of the best releases in 2010.

Their unique sound has been called everything from neo-soul, Motown, funk, and indie pop. The thing I like about this band is they didn’t play it safe like most new bands and release a similar sounding album the second time around. It’s a different type of sound, a slightly different formula then the first. However, due to the great songwriting from Fitz (AKA Michael Fitzpatrick), they still have the same catchy hooks and anthem type chorus we loved on their first release.

It was non-stop pure high-energy from the time the band appeared on stage until their 80-minute set was over. The audience arose at the opening chord of their first song and a lot of them did not sit down for the rest of the show. As Fitz had announced upon their arrival, “Tonight is a dance party and their shouldn’t be anyone sitting.” Well, he got that right, it was definitely a dance party tonight and then some!

It was a very diverse crowd. I saw a small boy enter the venue with his stuffed lion and there was a couple sitting near me that was well into their 70’s. This magnetic band has mass appeal as their music is for lovers of Motown, Soul, Pop, or just anyone who appreciates great music. You could tell they were seasoned and the chemistry between band members was obvious. You felt it wasn’t just another gig for them on a long hard tour schedule. The joy they emitted while playing was obvious.

But the real chemistry was between Fitz and co-vocalist Noelle Scaggs. There is this very suggestive seductive play between them. Whether it’s just a simple glance or how they dance together, the audience just ate it up! Their harmonizing was simply magical. Almost every song played tonight had that ‘anthem like’ chorus that is so infectious that you just wanted to sing along at the top of your lungs. Many of the audience did just that over the course of the night.

One of the best songs of their set came early with Break The Walls. It was played so loud, along with the total audience participation in the chorus, it caused a rumbling in the room. It was what I call a ‘magical moment’. Jaw dropping actually. It really set the stage for the night, we knew then what they had in store for us.

They played a killer cover of the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams. Drummer John Wicks went wild on this one. The band was met with thunderous applause! Other highlights were Don’t Gotta Work It Out, Spark, and 6AM. Their sax man, James King, had a lot of great solo’s throughout the night and the audience really responded to his style of play. The encore consisted of Moneygrabber and The Walker.

This is truly a talented group of musicians. Every one of them played their part tonight and fans in Atlantic City responded by showing them the love! Fitz and The Tantrums is a great band to see live. They are currently touring through October, so don’t pass up the opportunity to see them if they come your way.