Progressive metal icons Fates Warning bring a magical set of music to full house at the Token Lounge in Detroit.

The evening starts out on a fine note with local progressive metal band Reign. They have a new vocalist in Russell Wayne. He fits in well with the rest of the band. Reign impress the crowd with their superb musical talents. The dynamic execution of the song “Fallen” is a brilliant highlight.

The young men of Next To None waste no time in raining fire upon the stage with their incendiary music. It is amazing how good this band is considering that they are all less than 18 years of age. It is clear that the band has many fans in attendance as they press close to the stage to see this young band tear into their music. Due to some technical difficulties their set is cut a bit short which is unfortunate as this band blazes with metal fury.

No one leaves the front of the stage, as Imminent Sonic Destruction starts up a set of progressive super metal. The road has been good to the band, as they sound sharp and explosive. The positive feedback from the audience amplifies the intensity of their performance. “The Fog” and “Sleepless” are outstanding songs that feature each gifted musician’s contributions. When guitarist/vocalist Tony Piccoli announces that they have one more song, the crowd chants “ten more songs!” Imminent Sonic Destruction pulverizes us with the epic “Breaking Through”.

In the world of progressive metal, Fates Warning stands the test of time. This band has been sculpting sonic landscapes since 1982 and they show no signs of stopping. They start with “One Thousand Fires” from their last album Darkness in a Different Light and bleed into “Pale Fire” from the brilliant Inside Out album. Ray Alder’s vocals are beautiful and mesmerizing as he navigates the dynamic range of each song.

It is a joy to see Joey Vera again as he was just in town with Armored Saint a few weeks back.         His playing is superb and his backing vocals are fantastic. Mike Abdow makes his guitar sing with crystal perfection on “Into the Black”. While Mike handled a bulk of the solos, Jim Matheos jumps on a few tunes lending his exquisite legato playing. Bobby Jarzombek maintains the precision timing of the band and his playing on “A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part XI” exemplifies his outstanding technique.

Fates Warning close out their set with an encore including “The Eleventh Hour” and “Point of View”. A night full of music that transfixes leaves us all elated. Fates Warning left with a promise for new music coming in 2016.

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