Eyehategod rolled into the freezing landscape of Northern Indiana and warmed up fans with their brand of doom-laden sludge metal.

There’s something to be said for a small college town. In them, you’ll find loads of young people, and, if the formula is right, a thriving music scene. Close to Chicago, the South Bend/Mishawaka area boasts a Midwest, Catholic ivy league university known as Notre Dame. Droves of students flock to the area in search of higher education, not realizing that they are in the midst of the metal greatness one encounters with Eyehategod.

In true native New Orleans style, Eyehategod performed on a small stage in Mishawaka to an intimate crowd of dedicated fans. The band interacted with fans in the crowd by laughing and cracking jokes on stage in between pounding riffs and dirge-driven bass lines. The band’s attitude was a definite treat for what was otherwise a depressing and cold November day. Drudging out one song after another, it was easy to lose track of time in the swirl and haze of some of the best homegrown metal from one of the most melancholy cities in America. It was refreshing to see the band hanging out with fans, signing merch and taking photos after the show.

It’s hard to really put a finger on the sound of Eyehategod if you’re not familiar. It’s more of a feeling, or even a memory. The band has been relentlessly touring in support of their latest self titled album, Eyehategod (Emetic Records,) which has been about 14 years in the making. Needless to say, fans were ecstatic to hear some new material, as well as getting to headbang along to old favorites.

Today Is The Day pounded out a well-rounded opening set that complimented the lineup. They are currently on tour with their newest release, Animal Mother (Southern Lord). Founded in the 90s, Today Is The Day has been trying to get a serious leg up for years.  With almost ten studio albums to date, one can’t help but wonder what the hold up is.

Perhaps the changing lineup or lack of consistent representation keeps this band from reaching their full potential. All in all, they had an enigmatic and powerful set for three guys and a computer. At least they had their own intro and interlude music queued up properly.

Local Mishawaka newcomers, Devilsai, debuted their brand of progressive doom metal by supporting their personal influence, Eyehategod. Their sound has roots in bands like Sub Rosa, Deftones, and My Dying Bride with a panoramic dash of Tesseract. Vocalist and local respected tattoo artist, Larry Bone, heads up his new endeavor with band mates including local music promoter Bill Finn on drums and Tai Barger, Jerry Walker, and Mark Muday on guitars. This being their first show since the band’s conception, it’ll be interesting to see where they are headed. Tons of positive chatter and melodious headbanging would indicate that Devilsai needs to stick around a bit longer to get a better grip on their potential audience.

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