Eve 6 brings their 20th anniversary tour of their self titled album to the newest music club in Las Vegas 

Club 172 at the Rio Hotel and Casino is the latest music venue to open in Las Vegas, and they are booking a lot of shows including many you wouldn’t see elsewhere in Las Vegas. Despite it being a Sunday night, the venue is packed to see Eve 6. It is the 20th anniversary of their self titled album or “the fly album” as singer Max Collins referred to it. The fans are here early standing at the front of the stage eager to see what the band delivers.

Shortly before 11, the house music is turned off and the band takes the stage. Newest member, drummer Ben Hilzinger takes his seat followed by Jon Siebels and Collins. They begin with “How Much Longer” then move into “Inside Out” followed by one of their most popular songs “Leech” that has the entire venue singing along. At this point, there is a brief break for Collins to interact with the crowd and to introduce Hilzinger. He expresses appreciation to the fans for coming out tonight and comments that while this show was added later, they are excited to be here. There is playful banter among the members with Collins kissing Siebels on the cheek at one point and some comments on how handsome their new drummer is. They continue through eleven songs including “Open Road Song,” “Tongue Tied” and “Saturday Night.” The crowd is loving every minute of it remembering all these songs.

It is now time for the encore and it is hard to call it an encore, it is more of a second set with an additional seven songs including “Promise,” “Think Twice” and “Anytime.” It is an intense set that delivers exactly what this crowd wants and expects. The band is fun and they bring back a good feeling of when grunge and 90’s alternative was new and totally different. The songs are meaningful, but encapsulated in a sound that intensifies the feeling for the listener. This genre just has a way of connecting with the listener and allowing everyone to relate on some level.

After eighteen songs, the crowd certainly is happy and the band delivered on all levels. The packed room is a great way to begin for a venue that hasn’t been open too long, and if they continue with shows like this they will make the fans happy. Collins said it best when he said he was glad this show was added, because the fans certainly felt the same way.

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Event Date: 02-DEC-2018

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