The Swiss folk metal eight-piece played an amazing show to a packed house in Denver with The Agonist and Martina Edoff.

The Bluebird Theater filled quickly as Stockholm based Martina Edoff and her band took the stage.  Their set goes quick, but it is amazing. Martina’s voice is as beautiful as she is and her band is equally good.  She’s put out two albums now as a solo artist, the second of which was just released a couple weeks ago, just the most recent in a long list of musical accomplishments.

On the stage next is the five-piece Canadian metal band, The Agonist.  This is the second female fronted band of the evening and, with four albums behind them, they certainly know what they’re doing.  They have an amazing stage presence and put on a fantastic show.  Lead singer Vicky Psarakis isn’t the original singer; they actually found her on YouTube after the original singer left the band.

The headlining act, Eluveitie, took the stage with their melodic yet heavy folk metal.  The stage is a little tight for all of the eight members of this Swiss band, but that doesn’t slow them down a bit.  They’ve been around for thirteen years and have released seven albums. Their set is a Greatest Hits review across their entire catalog.  Due to Epica canceling their appearance on the remainder of the tour for person reasons, Eluveitie played an a long two-hour set.  First they played their typical full set and then followed it with an acoustic set.  Eluveitie closed the show with a full metal set.

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