A wild evening of metal and mayhem at Trixie’s Entertainment center as Doyle conquers Louisville.

Fans are lined up well before the doors open at Trixie’s entertainment Center as Doyle returns to Louisville for the first time in more than two years.

Doyle who is joined by lead singer Alex Story, Brandon Pertzborn on drums and Brandon Strate on bass receive a warm welcome as they take to the Trixie’s stage.  Wasting no time, Doyle launches into the title track from their latest album “Abominator” along with “Headhunter,” “Learn to Bleed” and a cover of the Misfits “Queen Wasp”.

Allowing a few moments for everyone to catch their breath, Alex mockingly introduces the next song as “a love song where you can all dance if you like” as Doyle blasts into two more Misfits covers “Where Eagles Dare” and “Skulls” before “Valley of the Shadows” drives the energy in the room sky high.

Now about half way through the set, it’s another love song with the brilliantly performed “Cemetery Sex” which is followed immediately by “Green Hell” and “Bloodfest”. The crowd is a moshing and thrashing mass.  

Ending this “Love fest” with a few more songs that you can dance to, Doyle closes out the evening with the epic “Last Caress,” the Doyle staple “Die Die” and “Hope Hell is Warm” ending a blazing night of music.

Doyle is in classic form with his patented shredding and punishing style and Alex’s vocals are spot on. Doyle’s highly anticipated new album, As We Die will be released on May 5. 

Phoenix Arizona based dark and melodic metallers element a440 are the main support for the evening.  Their music, self-described as hook-heavy, dark, melodic, electronic music makes a dramatic impression with a stunning set. Element a440, fronted by lead singer Halo is a never-ending tornado of energy, their songs are both intense and powerful. Element a440 grabs the room by the throat tonite and never let’s go.  

Promoter Terry Harper Productions does a great job booking local metal groups as support at his shows and tonight is no exception. Performing third are Richmond, KY-based rockers Sinful Lilly who roll onto Trixie’s stage with two things in mind; to have a good time and rock the house which they successfully accomplish.

Sinful Lilly’s alternative rock draws influences from classic metal bands like Manson, Slipknot, Kiss and Megadeth. Lead singer and guitarist Fredi Handshoe, complete with a bandana, long flowing black hair and steamy riffs is a throwback to old school metal. With Trey Bledsoe on Drums and Nikki Valklix on bass and vocals, Sinful Lilly delivers a great set and are well received.

Columbus Indiana-based metallers, Viken deliver a solid set of hard driving rock. Opening the show is satirical political punk band from Lexington, Kentucky, Tronald Dump who start the night off in a great way with a fun set. 

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Trixies Entertainment Center

Event Date: 11-APR-2017