Deicide punishes death metal hungry crowd at Trixie’s with Season of Suffering, Stonecutters, Savage Master, and FaithXtractor

Death Metal Icon Deicide brought their wrath to Trixie’s Entertainment complex in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday night. Before the venue doors open, there was plenty of anticipation for tonite’s show by the many that had assembled to get a front and center position for the show. Deicide, on their Death In The Manger – aka (Off the beaten path tour) tour during the month of December, opened their long set with “Homage to Satan,” ”Dead by Dawn,” and “Once Upon The Cross” giving everyone exactly what they came for!

With the Mosh pit in full flight, Deicide rolled thru a number of hard, fast death metal favorites including “Serpents of the Light,” “Trifixion,” “They Are the Children of the Underworld,” and “Dead but Dreaming.” Towards the end of their set, a fan called out to hear “Lunatic of God’s Creation” for Charlie, which the guys just destroyed! Deicide ended their awesome set with “Blame It On God” and “Sacrificial Suicide” leaving everyone in attendance thoroughly happy and satisfied. It was a great death metal set by an iconic death metal band. Deicide is Glen Benton (vocals and bass), Steve Asheim (drums), Jack Owen (guitar), and Kevin Quirion (guitar).

Providing the main support for Deicide tonite was Oregon based Season of Suffering.  Touring in support of their new album, Evolve To Extinction, Their devastating forty-five minute set included a number of hard driving, brutal metal songs including “Lay To Waste,” “Putrid Storm,” “Sacrificial Masses,” and finishing off with “Season of Suffering.” Their set was well received and set the stage perfectly for headliner, Deicide. Season of Suffering is Chuck Hudson (vocals and guitar), Ben Boynton (guitar and vocals), Ivan Wilson (bass guitar), and Matt Hicks (drums and vocals).

It was great to see local metal groups supporting Deicide and Season Of Suffering this evening as well. On the eve of the release of their new album, Blood Moon, Louisville-based metallers, Stonecutters, were third to perform. Their almost thirty-minute set included a few songs from the upcoming album, including “Carbon Footprint,” “Ghost’s Warning,”  and Pagan Warrior.”  Stonecutters are Brian Omer (guitar and vocals), Nick Burks (guitar), Kevin Redford (bass), and Johnny Wooldridge (drums).

Local Louisville occult heavy metal band, Savage Master, were second to perform. With the band members donning hoods and the female lead singer donning a flowing red cape, they performed an almost thirty-minute set of original songs, including a couple from their upcoming album. Savage Master is Stacey Peak (vocals), Adam Neal (guitar), Larry Myers (guitar), Brandon Brown (bass), and Zach Harris (drums).

Opening the evening’s music was Cincinnati’s own FaithXtractor. Their death metal/doom metal set opened with “The Six Knives of Redshield,” “Earth to Angel,” and “In All Forms Reptilian” from their 2013 album, The Great Shadow Infiltrator. FaithXtraxctor is Ash Thomas (drums and vocals), Zdenka Prado (bass), and Cody Knarr (guitar).

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