Def Leppard, Poison and Tesla draw an impressive crowd for a good old night of 80s nostalgic rock.

Tesla kick off the night at Tinley Park’s Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre. With the amount of energy they put into their performance, you would think they were the headlining act. They may be the first of the three bands to perform, but they certainly have their fair share of fans here to represent. This 30-minute set is just a teaser of what we can expect from their own tour which starts straight after this one.

By the time Poison explode out onto the stage, the Amphitheatre has significantly filled up, just in time to continue the party atmosphere. Even the people up in the boxes are on their feet, singing along with fists up in the air. Their set doesn’t miss a beat, and is sure to include as many of their hits as they can cram into an hour-long set – including “Unskinny Bop”, “Talk Dirty To Me”, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” before rounding out the electric set with “Nothin’ But a Good Time”. The atmosphere is contagious as people are clearly having a good time on this sunny Saturday evening. The huge smiles on the faces of the band are returned by the enthusiastic crowd, many of whom surrounded the walkway stage, reaching their hands out in the hope of touching singer Brett Michaels. 

By the time Def Leppard take to the stage, the back field area is so full, it’s almost impossible to make out any individual faces. What is clearly visible, however, is the sea of Union Jack and Def Leppard t-shirts. One group of friends went all out with the party theme, donning various 80s hair metal inspired outfits and wigs. It’s not just the fans who are decked out in the UK’s flag. You couldn’t look more patriotic than Rick Allen, with his Union Jack customized drum kit and headphones. 

The big backdrop screen helps project the stage antics to those sitting out on the field at the back, making sure no one who made the journey to Tinley Park misses out. 

This is the performance of a band who have been together for many years – tight, solid and hits the mark. It is everything you would expect from a Def Leppard show, banging out old favorites such as “Animal” and “Hysteria”. Tinley Park went crazy for the iconic “Let’s Get Rocked” and 80s anthem “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.

Regardless of which band you came to see, this was an enjoyable and fun night. A night for singing your heart out, with fists pumping in the air, reminiscing to back in the day. It might be 2017, but for tonight the 80s were celebrated and remembered fondly. 

Def Leppard

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Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre
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Event Date: 24-JUN-2017

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