Dead Dick Hammer bring their rocking punkabilly show to Louisville with Stealing Volume and The Jereactors.

10-Jun-2016: Dead Dick Hammer brought their rotting, back-from-the-dead selves to the Third Street Dive on Friday night delivering a set of hard rocking, guitar shredding, foul-mouthed and low-brow humor music that was thoroughly enjoyable.

Dressed as zombies, Dead Dick Hammer (guitar and vocals), Dead Doreen Laveau (bass and vocals), and Hektor (drums) rattled thru more than 75 minutes of bone-shaking rock. The band starts with “Res-Erection,” set the mood for the evening. During their set, they also played songs like “Wash that Stanky Thang,” “Catfish Gravy,” “Baby Lives in Batesville,” and “I Won’t Hit You.”  In between songs, Mr. Hammer jokes with the crowd, sharing his bottle of Jim Beam and genuinely having a great time, as was the entire room.

They closed their set with a hard-driving rendition of “Black and Blue.” Dead Dick Hammer shreds some serious guitar in front of his Orange amp stack leaving the room thoroughly entertained.

Support comes as an awesome set of rock and punk delivered by Indianapolis-based Stealing Volume. They open their set with songs from their recently released EP, Postal Session, The guys ripped thru “Howl,” “Gunslinger,” and “Hope Is Dead” along with a couple of new songs, “Comb” and “Coco Caliente.” Their music was hard, fast, and tight.

Stealing Volume is Ben Schimmel (vocals/guitar), David Barajas (guitar), Scott Tolley (drums) and Scott Lamb (bass).

Opening the evening was Louisville, KY punk rockers, The Jereactors. Their set 30-minute set of bilingual, old school punk featured an Eskorbuto cover of “Mucha Policia” along with original material including “The Next Big Thing,” “The Candidate,” “Street Fight\You Guys Suck,” and “Mr. Beat ‘Em Up.”

They finish their set with a roaring Beastie Boys cover of “Fight For Your Right To Party,” complete with a fan singing the final chorus.

The Jereactors are Lester Bolles (bass and vocals), Escoria Toxico (drums and vocals), and Jimmy Sh*thead (guitar).

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