A steaming swarm of humanity delighted in the chaotic beauty of Dead Cross with special guests Secret Chiefs 3 in Detroit, MI.

The hardcore juggernaut known as Dead Cross are just about two-thirds of the way through their first tour in support of their brilliant self-titled album. While this may be the band’s first time together in Detroit, this is not their first rodeo. Composed of veteran musicians Justin Pearson (bass), Michael Crain (guitar), Mike Patton (vocals), and Dave Lombardo (drums), the band are no strangers to creating vibrant and powerful musical performances.

Opening tonight’s festivities is Secret Chiefs 3. The San Francisco based band is led by Trey Spruance (founding member of Mr. Bungle) with Joe Lester on bass, Pej Mon on drums, Jason Schimmel on guitar, and Matt Lebofsky on keyboards. The band promised in a post on the Web Of Mimicry site that they would be dialing in the heavy in honor of Dead Cross. They did not lie.

Secret Chiefs 3 enchant the crowd with music which is rich, complex, and mind-boggling. Using non-Western tuning and arrangements, the music exudes a Middle Eastern and Indian vibe. Each player is a magician casting aural spells that mesmerize. Secret Chiefs 3 put on a spectacular performance priming the pump for Dead Cross.

Saint Andrews Hall fills with cheers as Justin Pearson and Michael Crain take the stage to wail the emergency broadcast test signal. They are followed by Mike Patton and Dave Lombardo. Patton stares over at Lombardo who counts off the beat and Dead Cross tears into “Seizure and Desist”.

The shock wave of energy from the stage is magnified and reflected by the audience. The sheer joy evident on faces in the crowd is electric as Dead Cross ratcheted through their debut album. “Idiopathic” and “Obedience School” built a sweat throughout the hall.

Calling out “Welcome Kid Rock fans!”, Mike Patton ribs the crowd about the political aspirations of Kid Rock who is playing just a few blocks away at the new hockey arena. There are boos from the crowd. Clearly, they are not fans of Rock and Patton acknowledges them with a wry smile.

This brief interlude is fittingly blown to pieces with the hyperkinetic ass beating of “Shillelagh”. Given that the debut album runs just shy of 30 minutes, Dead Cross dish out a new song with the witty title of “New #2” before playing the fantastic cover of Bauhaus’s “Bela Lugoisi’s Dead”.

Dead Cross keep the pedal on the floor playing another new song called “Prisoner” before finishing up in a furious fit with “Gag Reflex” and the crowd sing-along “Church of the Motherfuckers”. With cheers filling the hall, Dead Cross headed off stage for a short break before coming back for an encore.

Dave Lombardo plays the ominous intro beat to Slayer’s “Reign In Blood” and cheers erupt as Michael Crain plays the first few notes, but it is just a teaser. More cheers as Mike Patton switches gears with the first line from the chorus of “Epic” by Faith No More. This is yet another tease which prompts Mike Patton to sit cross-legged on the stage while telling the audience to find their center. The rest of the band then kicks it into gear and everyone is raging along to a merciless cover of the Dead Kennedys “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”. In the blink of an eye, this amazing show is over.

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Event Date: 15-SEP-2017

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