Trapt-MachineShop-Flint_MI-20131109-001Trapt Takes Over Machine Shop
Nov. 9, 2013
With Special Guests: No Resolve, Righteous Vendetta & Devour the Day

When Trapt was deciding on a venue to shoot video footage for their recent effort, Reborn, it was no contest. The Machine Shop in Flint, MI, was it.

A last minute booking, the show sold out quickly and led itself to rabid fans waiting in line in the freezing cold hours before the doors opened. Three such young ladies had waited upwards from 7 years for this opportunity. “We were not about to lose our chance at front row!” Three hours later they were chatting with me at the front of the stage.

I was impressed by my first taste of Detroit’s own No Resolve, who opened the show with a hard hitting set that immediately drew the audience tighter to the stage. The crowd grabbed on to Oscar Pegorraro’s intense vocals and the band’s commitment to stage presence, fueling the group and creating a positive rocking platform for the upcoming acts.

Devour the Day is the brainchild of Blake Allison (lead vocals, drums, rhythm guitar) and Joey ‘Chicago’ Walser (guitar, bass, backing vocals), both formerly with Egypt Central. Forming in 2012, the group quickly gained a building notoriety and fan base. Their set as direct support to Trapt was impressive and engaging. Utilizing both the biting and delicate facets of their music, I think fans got more than just a taste of Devour’s talent and versatility in the alternative metal genre.

Along with Righteous Vendetta, the supporting acts arranged a crescendo that culminated when Trapt hit the stage at 10:30 pm. Ready to pump the crowd up to mammoth proportions, Chris Taylor Brown came on tough and confrontational, nearly throwing himself into the crowd while raging vocals. With a tension unique to hard rock and heavy metal, Brown and original bassist Pete Charell mesh seamlessly with Dylan Thomas Howard on drums and Travis Miguel on lead guitar to enthrall fans into face-melting euphoria, one of my personal favorite feelings extracted from a live performance.

Presented with sound issues before the show, Trapt rose to the occasion with class and gave their fans, and me, exactly what we wanted. A real, live, rock and roll barn burner.


Devour The Day

No Resolve

Trapt Set List
The Machine Shop, Flint, MI
Nov. 9, 2013

End of My Rope
Bring It
These Walls
Bleed Like Me
Black Rose
Eye of the Storm
Love Hate
Still Frame
Stand Up




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