Arch Enemy and Kreator along with Starkill and Huntress rocked Detroit, and Mille from Kreator spoke to us about the tour.

The Arch Enemy/Kreator tour has been making it’s way around the U.S. for the last month, and Detroit was of the last three dates on the tour. The show also featured performances by opening acts Starkill and Huntress, who’s been making a name for themselves this year. The show started right on time and the crowd rushed into the theater and gathered in rows once they heard the first song kick in.

Starkill was new to the crowd, and the audience responded and actually enjoyed the band a little more then expected. Most of their music could be heard to contain thrash, metal, and progressive influences. They had a great stage presence and really sounded tight and in tune with each other. The track, “Fires Of Life,” is a tune that really stands out from the night. This is a great new band to follow up on.

Huntress is another band consisting of the old school elements of traditional metal in their music. The musicians are all extremely talented and their front woman, Jill Janus, has both the looks and the talent to front the band… a true heavy metal vocalist. They ripped through their 30-minute set and left the audience wanting more. Many concert goers were talking after their set, admitting they were glad they got to the venue in time to see the Huntress perform.

Legendary German metal band, Kreator, crushed out a solid hour-long set playing an exceptional mix of both new songs and classics. The band was at their best and it was so great to see these guys live once again. Big music highlights were the songs “Phantom Antichrist” and “Pleasure To Kill,” the closing song for their set that night. 30 years later, Kreator is still doing what they’ve always done… throwing down their style of metal and whipping the fans into circle pits and fist-raising sessions. Good to know some things never change.

National Rock Review’s Howie D. chatted with Mille from Kreator:

Closing out the evening was Arch Enemy. There’s been a lot of talk going around since the vocalist switch. Let’s just say the switch was for the better. Not only is Alissa drop dead gorgeous, she is literally a fiery ball of metal energy once she takes the stage. When she growls, you feel it in your chest, when she head bangs, she gets the whole crowd going. Arch Enemy has a very strong and thick sound and never lets the listener down. This was an incredible performance from the band and they had the crowd engaged throughout the entire set. With the addition of Jeff Loomis on guitar, this band is going to explode even further in the coming years. This was a great night of metal and a great line-up for this tour.

NRR staff photographer, Chuck Marshall, captured the night.

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