The mighty Clutch light up a packed Louisville Palace with Lucero and The Sword.

There is an appreciable level of energy in the Louisville Palace lobby a few minutes before Clutch is set to take the stage.

Chants of “Clutch” roll thru the venue as the house lights drop and Chuck Brown’s “We need some money” blares from the overhead speakers, everyone is immediately on their feet, movin’ and groovin’.

Clutch bounds onto the stage and the entire venue goes crazy. With little hesitation Clutch roll into “Gravel Road,” ”Pure Rock Fury” and “Sucker for the Witch” which has the entire venue hopping.  Lead singer Neil Fallon, taking a few moments to catch his breath and address the crowd for the first time mentions “This is going to be a good night, It’s actually really overwhelming” which draws a huge cheer.

Touring in support of their 2015 release Psychic Warfare, Clutch perform several songs from the album including fan favorite “Firebirds!” that has the whole venue trying to out sing Neil.  After each song the ovations and energy in the room seemingly escalate, becoming louder and louder.

Neil, feeding on the energy in the room is a frenetic presence all evening, running back and forth on stage while delivering his crazed vocals is a sight to see.

“This is a wonderful place, it’s a treasure and it’s a pleasure to play here. Thank you for having us” Neil proclaims as Clutch end their main set with a riotous rendition of “The Mob Goes Wild” which is exactly what everyone did.

Chants of “Clutch” bring the guys back on stage to a huge roar “I like your spirit” Neil shouts as they launch into their 2-song encore set of “Electric Worry” and a powerful â€œX-Ray Visions” ending a great evening of music and leaving many Louisville fans happy and satisfied.

Southern/country rockers Lucero provide the main support tonight. Playing a longer opening set allows for lead singer Ben Nichols an opportunity to let loose a little.  With just Ben and Rick Steff on the accordion, Lucero performs a wonderful and touching rendition of “The War” that ended with the entire venue on their feet.  Lucero finishes off their set with stirring version of “The Last Song” which leaves the venue energized and ready for headliners, Clutch.

Opening the show tonight is the retro-metal four-piece, The Sword.  Touring in support of their recently released live album Greetings From . . . The Sword‘s set, featuring plenty of deep bass tones and some roaring guitar riffs is tight and lively.  Ovations grow louder and louder as their set progresses, ending in a dynamic way with the whole venue on their feet. What a way to start the evening.

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Event Date: 12-MAY-2017