Child Bite invite Reverend and Old Gods to Cellarman’s for a blissful evening of mayhem in hopes of raising hell to fund their adventures down under.

The cherubic extreme rock band Child Bite are heading to the land down under (aka Australia) to spread their mirth and mischief with their Aussie friends. In these days of free music, it can be tough for the label and band to scrape up enough cash to cover expenses. Child Bite decided to clean out the closets and throw a fund raiser for the tour at Cellarmen’s in Hazel Park.

First glance would indicate that Cellarmen’s is a fantastic brewery of delicious meads, ciders, and beers. The brewery takes things a step further by providing a venue for metal, punk, hardcore and however the fuck you want to label it, music. Teaming up with Child Bite, the brewery threw down the gauntlets and with a party to ensure that the fans would enjoy an up close and personal experience with the bands.

The room is nearly full when Reverend begins their set. The word multifarious comes to mind as the interplay of rhythms and musical structures weaves a many-colored tapestry of sound. Many in the audience cannot help but be physically moved by the dynamic and exuberant performance. The writhing music of Reverend perfectly frames a night of musical adventure.

Having seen Old Gods at Berserker, it was a given that their performance would be spectacular. Their fervid and unabated sonic strike injects fists of adrenaline into the atmosphere. Jeff Tuttle’s face streaming with blood accentuates the blunt force trauma of an Old Gods performance. The stunning firestorm of Tony Wolski (drums), Derek Swanson (bass), and Randall Kupfer define what hardcore music is all about. The Old Gods embrace the audience in a frenetic and savage commune with a life filled of purpose and power.

Child Bite plugs into the spastic energy beaming from the audience and proceeds to glow with the brilliance of a splitting atom. The band and the audience move in unison to the musical frenzy. The vibrancy of Child Bite lies within their ability to deliver tongue in cheek observations of life using the magic of brilliant songwriting. Child Bite’s performance feigns chaos while hitting the target of authentic music that enraptures the twitching fibers of your essence.

The evenings histrionics are not complete without a special set by Shit Life with Shawn Knight (vocals for Child Bite). They cap off this evenings brilliant display with twenty penetrating songs of grind as written by Anal Cunt. Full of irreverent psychosis and hysteria, this final dissonant discharge caps off a night of vital music. Given the high level of attendance, it looks as if Child Bite should have the necessary funds to spew their merry mayhem throughout Australia.

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Event Date: 17-FEB-2018

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