Pandemonium Strikes Columbus! Max and Iggor Cavalera, aka Cavalera Conspiracy, brought old school metal to an old school in Ohio’s capital city.

Ohio State University. Oh, excuse the shit out of me, “THE” Ohio State University plays host to some 40,000+ students throughout the year and prepares its bright young stars for the future. However, on the 23 of April in the Historic Newport Music Hall, “Old School” ruled the day and Heavy Metal was its throne.

With great regret, this photographer/writer, was unable to make the Lody Kong set in time and thus, has no fruit to bear from what was surely a concert launch to be reckoned.

Factually speaking, it was a Hail Mary text to a friend/maestro/beard-extraordinaire who salvaged the night. Hence, the galleries contained herein can also be partially credited to one Mister Karl Agell of COC Blind. Thank you, sir!

COC Blind it’s this simple. If you’re the type of concert review reader that wants set lists. Go buy the album. It’s being played in its entirety. The guys are amazing. Agell sounds better than ever, Mullin sounds like thunder and makes it look easy, little shreds on another plane, Brown is the quintessential rhythm rifest and, Barrett is the perfect compliment to the lineup at bass. Old School has never looked so good.

Death Angel 30+ years and they show no signs of fatigue. They look, sound, and move like they still have ‘tween blood coursing through their veins. Osegueda and company are in overdrive from the first to the very last chord.

Cavalera Conspiracy. If some uneducated, fresh from under a rock, never once heard of Max Cavalera, asked you to describe him, how would you do it? Stuck? Try this, it’s easy. “Max was the original prototype for Captain Caveman. Only, Max plays Metal and can melt your face off!” How can you not fall head over heels for a guy with dreads to his waist and screaming, “Sir Cul Pit! Sir Cul Pit!” He is as genuine as they come. Iggor Cavalera lords over his drum kit as if they were a tethered pack of rabid hunting dogs, ready to be unleashed on the front row. Rizzo and Campos are rock n’ roll bookends. Perfectly matched and energetic compliments to Max in the Middle.

What? You missed this show? Go slam your head in the door.

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