Master of extreme metal, Carcass tore the roof off the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan for a host of ravenous fans.

The evening got off to a PCP frenzy with Noisem. The young death speed thrash band from Baltimore ripped through song after song with barely a breath in between. Lead singer, Tyler Carnes, was like a caged animal running and pacing across the stage. Each tune was a raw and frenzied assault that quickly got the attention of those in attendance.

After a set change, Exhumed was next onstage. Unleashing gore upon an eager crowd, the band blasted pure death metal. This included someone in hospital scrubs bringing out some abomination that had exploded in a microwave. After an exchange with the butcher, Matt Harvey (guitars) spewed into a bucket, creating an intense stage show.

Accompanied by the Zodiac Killer sporting a drawn 45 pistol, Macabre took little time getting down to business. Murder metal is the signature of Macabre. Each song offered up a tale of an infamous serial killer. Stand out tunes full of murderous savagery included “Hitchhiker” and “Scrub A Dub Dub” from their Dahmer album. Their performance was a true crime musical performance in lurid detail.

The lights dropped as the instrumental, “1985,” began to play and the mighty Carcass took the stage. The beatings began with “Buried Dreams” and continued with a tour through the Carcass catalog. There was a heavy dose of the fantastic tunes off of Surgical Steel with Jeff Walker’s distinctive growl searing eardrums on “Cadaver Pouch Conveyor System” and “A Congealed Clot of Blood.” Jeff also gave praise to Flint, Michigan’s own Repulsion for their pioneering works in death and grind.

The entire band performed with fierce abandon and Bill Steer and Ben Ash played scorching solos. Bill Steer reminded listeners of an extreme version of Randy Rhoads with his legato style and the low slung Les Paul. Dan Wilding’s blistering attack and precision on the drums kept the band on pace through “Mortal Coil,” “Corporal Jigsore Quandary,” and “Black Star.” He even threw in a drum solo for good measure.

After a short break, Carcass returned for an encore with “Heartwork” and all its magniloquent black art. These titans of metal put on a outstanding performance that every person at the show enjoyed.

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