Soul wrenching blues… down and dirty rock ‘n’ roll… Captain Ivory has it and they recently brought it today Marshall, Michigan on a stop in a busy tour schedule.

It’s a great feeling when you stumble upon a new band whose music makes your soul sing.  It’s even better when you find out this band is playing at one of your favorite breweries! Such was my luck when I read that Captain Ivory would be jamming over at Dark Horse Brewing in Marshall, Michigan on May 8, 2014.

I was beyond excited to get to the Captain Ivory gig at Dark Horse.  I’ve been playing their CD non-stop since I bought it just four days prior at the Water Hill Music Fest in Ann Arbor, Michigan.   You can check out the review right here on National Rock Review.  For me this band is a ‘find’ that puts a big stupid grin on your face because the music fits you like your favorite pair of jeans.

The weather was beautiful as the sun started to set.  Perfect for a night of music.  As I got myself a mug of ‘Smells Like A Safety Meeting’ (yeah buddy!!) and ordered a pizza, Captain Ivory took the stage.

Their first set included a nice mix of a few covers along with their own material.   This included originals, such as the beautiful and agonizing Here You Are, along with my favorite tune Tennessee Approximately.  That tune has a great southern fried feel that latches on to you and won’t let go!  The covers included a great version of Dave Mason’s Feelin Alright played in the vein of the Joe Cocker edition.  The band also dug out Level by the Raconteurs in all its fuzzy glory.  This led into a stoked blues jam to close out the first set.

With a full belly (the pizza at Dark Horse ROCKS!) and another beer, I was all set to enjoy the second set by Captain Ivory.  They opened up with the swanky Baroness featuring its power chord goodness.  I was then floored by the fantastic cover of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin.  Wow!  Just fuckin’ wow!  They followed with False Remedy which is a heavy and dark tune that fit well with the Zeppelin cover.  The band kept the punches coming with their originals, Curse Or Cure and Quiet Casualties, and covers of Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac) and Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (Bob Seger).

Captain Ivory tried to wrap up the night with Six Minutes To Midnight, but the crowd would not let them go.  They demanded an encore and got one in a freestyle jam that blew out the kegs at Dark Horse.

This was a great night of music.  It was made special by hanging out with our friends from Dark Horse.  They are having music in the beer garden all summer, so be sure to stop over!  While you are at it, pick up Captain Ivory’s début and you’ll have some kick ass road music to get you revved up!

Chuck Marshall recently reviewed the debut, self-titled album by Captain Ivory. Take a minute and read the article: Captain Ivory (self-titled album)

Captain Ivory début album available from Amazon:

Captain Ivory

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