Bullet For My Valentine closes out the Gravity tour with support from Bad Omens and We Came as Romans

It is the final night of Bullet For My Valentine’s Gravity tour and the crowd is packing the House of Blues for this.  This band always draws well and tonight is no exception.  Bad Omens opens the night.  They are a relatively new metalcore band from Los Angeles.  They deliver an energetic set that gets the crowd ready for the rest of the night, but also lets everyone know they will see this band in the future.  With songs like these they are sure to be on future tours as they continue to grow their fan base.

We Came as Romans is up next.  For a while there was uncertainty if they would still be on this tour with the unexpected death of singer Kyle Pavone right before this tour started, but the band decided to carry on as front-man Dave Stephens explained that is what Kyle would have wanted.  They play the songs that are loved and expected including “Fade Away,” “Lost in the Moment” and “To Plant a Seed.”  The new sound is different, heavier without Pavone’s clean vocal, but while different it fits the band and is excellent.  They take the time to talk about Pavone and how much they miss him, but they also remind the crowd that there are people there for you and to get help if you need it.  The set is both touching as you can imagine how hard it is for them to carry on, as well as powerful.  It is not sad it is powerful and intense and let’s everyone know to not worry they aren’t going anywhere.

It is now time for Bullet For My Valentine.  The crowd begins to chant “Bullet, Bullet, Bullet,” and the band takes the stage.  The stage is sparse.  There is just a giant backdrop of the album cover and the four members.  Jason Bowld (drums) is on a simple drum riser only about a foot high, Jamie Mathias (bass), Michael “Padge” Paget (guitar) and Matt Tuck (vocal and guitar) are dressed as you would see them on the street.  This is one of the things people respect about this band, they are authentic, there is no gimmick to draw you in.  They open with two tracks off their sixth studio album Gravity with “Don’t Need You” and “Over It.”  The set is a good mix of their most popular albums including Gravity, The Poison, Scream Aim Fire and Venom.  Older tracks like “4 Words (To Choke Upon), “Tears Don’t Fall” and “Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What can I Do), remind the crowd where they came from and why they love them.   The heavy thrash sounds of “The Last Fight” and Waking the Demon” get an intense reaction from the crowd and the crowd surfers fly overhead.  The songs of the set blend from the heavier thrash sounds to the slower more melodic.  This band manages to blend all these sounds seamlessly.  Tuck prowls the stage and delivers a strong vocal which is impressive after this intense tour.  They are determined to end this tour with a bang and no one is disappointed.

A thirteen song set is concluded with a four song encore which perfectly wrapped up the night and summarized their career to date.  This was the final night of the American tour, the band returns to Europe to play arenas so getting a chance to see them in this intimate setting was a treat that was definitely enjoyed by all in attendance.  This tour was a fantastic lineup and the people who saw it are definitely looking forward to when they can see these bands again.

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Event Date: 16-OCT-2018

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