The one and only Buckcherry, flying high on their North American Tour since January, landed in Pennsylvania as the tour begins to wrap before heading to Europe.

Starting the night off with a big bang was Fozzy. Known mostly for lead singer Chris Jericho, who is a former WWE superstar. Jericho has characterized the band by saying, “If Metallica and Journey had a bastard child, it would be Fozzy.” I could not agree more with the quote as they brought the energy by having the crowd moving constantly. While they played some of their well-known songs such as Enemy and Sandpaper, they still found room to fit in their new single Lights Go Out. Fozzy made a lot of new fans the night showing they mean business.

Following Fozzy was headliner Buckcherry. Supporting their latest album, Confessions released February 2013, they proved age does not matter. Josh Todd also showed he still has his wonderful dance moves as he jumped and danced around like he was back at Woodstock 1999 again! It was quite obvious the band and crowd connected on a strong level right away as most fans sang the lyrics back to the band. The light show also connected with the songs such as flashing lights strobing in sync with the rhythm.

Nearing the end of the show, Buckcherry announced they are not done touring just yet. They will be one of the many bands on the Uproar Fest, which the line up is still yet to be announced! Also following their great news, they announced they have worked on a six-song EP, which they have yet to announce a date for.

Overall, the lineup for this show was perfect, the bands put on one hell of a show and did not disappoint whatsoever. Buckcherry has not lost their step and it looks they will not be losing it anytime soon.


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All photos by Andrew Howe


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