A Perfect Circle lure the crowd into their multi-layered web at a sold-out show in San Francisco.

As the house lights dim, A Perfect Circle take the stage behind a gauze curtain and immediately hit the opening notes of “The Package,” from their Thirteenth Step album. The band is at the foot of the stage, while leader Maynard Keenan is hidden in the shadows at the very back. With minimal lighting and smoke slowly swirling around, the band have already set the mood and atmosphere of tonight’s show.

Dedicating the show to “cake,” Maynard leads the way through “The Hollow” and “The Noose” before finally addressing the crowd. “I smell Marijuana” he says, before noticing the glow of cellphones throughout the audience. Clearly not happy with this, he asks the crowd to put them away and “Join Us in the Now.”

As the show progresses the lights and lasers finally begin to give the show a sense of production, A Perfect Circle hit their stride, and deliver a setlist that represents all of their releases. Highlights include “Weak and Powerless,” “Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums,” “Vanishing,” and the encore of “Feathers.”

Opening for A Perfect Circle on this tour is Prayers. The San Diego-based synth duo describes themselves as “Cholo-Goth.” With both members behind samplers and keyboards, the band delivers a short but entertaining set of Christian Death and Nitzer Ebb influenced electronic industrial, and are the perfect band to open the show.

A Perfect Circle
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Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
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Event Date: 13-APR-2017

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