When you have an artist that gets antsy just sitting still, they can become very creative. Bobby Amaru of Saliva went full acoustic to cope.

Bobby Amaru is the talented lead singer of the Southern Rock/Metal, Saliva. Things are gearing up for some big news that will make Saliva fans happy. National Rock review got a chance to interview Bobby before the show and we’ll bring that to you very shortly. Finishing up a small acoustic tour in Michigan and Ohio was in the cards for lucky music enthusiasts before heading back to Florida.

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Local support, in no certain order, was provided by Jeffrey Oliver of PftP, Jeremy Rober of ’tis, and Chris Salyer of SXSW fame with the Shooters. Each of the openers did their best to entertain, captivate, and kept the crowd interacting with the music leading up to the headliner. All three showed a varied repertoire of material making it fun for all. Mr. Rober even made a special guest appearance with Bobby in place of Richie Sambora for a cover of a Bon Jovi song.

Bobby was amazing on stage, and the one bottle of Crown Royal on hand for the venue was saved by sheer willpower alone. That and the need to be ready for the next Saliva tour cycle, which rumors are already abounding about who may tour with the band in the next few months.

Right after the show, Bobby flew south to do a few dates, at least one being a make up for a cancelled performance. Stay tuned to National Rock Review for a review of the new self-titled Saliva album when it hits.

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