Grab your radio, make sure the flashlight works and get into the cellar! There’s a storm brewing and it’s a F5 Jared blowing into Toledo!

We, at the National Rock Review southern command center, have to apologize for the behind schedule of this pictorial review of Hed P.E.‘s show. Sometimes big things can take a while longer to clear the red tape of adult life. It sucks and should be dealt with in terms of torches, flamethrowers, and incendiary ammunition strikes, but we digress. Please enjoy the following artist albums and the special side story that sprouted from this night.

The night at Realm started with local three piece Drop Dead Silhouette. Brandon Fox (guitar/vocals), Ross Ball (bass/vocals), and Alex Borger (drums) make the local scene proud with their ability to fuse rock, hardcore, and punk styles into their own calling card of musical flavor. And while we have had the luck to follow the guys in their pursuit of sonic supremacy, we can’t help to feel happy for Alex and his future bride while feeling sad that the status of the band may be in question. Hopefully, the guys will find a way to keep playing and/or get Brandon to face the crowd for the set, whichever one is easier to make happen. Their fast tempo, high energy sets are something one needs to experience if you get a chance.

And next up to keep the crowd revved up, was the Detroit, MI metal band Spitting Nails. Consisting of Miles Korte (bass), Matt Korte (drums), Mick Stone (vocals), Jerry Steifer (guitar), and Rob Fuchs (guitar), the guys were a pleasant almost 90s thrash surprise to many of the people in the audience this night. One part showmanship with one masked member, one part blazing fast cords and rifts, and one part unapologetic in your face singing this outfit showed what made the genre so popular in its heyday. The band is coming back at the end of this month to play with Mushroomhead solely due to the positive response of the concert goers. Check them out and let us know how you feel about this quintet of ballsy play and kick you in the face brand of original songs.

The final local opener was definitely a favorite among those waiting for the sirens to start blaring very shortly. “Heavy Rock/Nu-Metal-core with Punk-Rock/Hip-Hop, Southern Rock, Rap style and Hardcore flavors. We don’t know what to call it, we just make it,” is a very honest way to describe the vibe that Donovan Black (vocals), Nick “The Ace of Shades” Hanefeld (guitar), Michael Holdren (guitar), Don Pope (bass), and Keith Freeman (drums) have come together to make from the Toledo, Ohio-area as You Are A Toy.

Up from the ashes of a former moniker, this crew has not only taken the stage performance to a new level with light boxes and a signature look, but the level of play is very smooth even when the inevitable instrument issue comes up. While there may be some lineup switches coming, check the band out for yourself when they open for Nonpoint on Jul 10, 2016 and let us know what you came away with about them.

When you have life by the short curly ones, you might see a picture of these guys in the definition of winning. CaviGold Records recording artists, Everybody Panic!, have a good thing going. This Oklahoma City, OK quartet is made up of Ty (vocals), Provo (guitars), Pat (bass), and Levi (drums) and most certainly gave the impression of the winds picking up inside of the venue like a storm was approaching with the very first song played.

From a brave Ty performing on the stage barefoot to Provo’s dreads flying all over the place, the live action of this outfit was most certainly one of the reasons they were picked to go out on this package. Touring is also in no small part to support their latest release, Attack. It dropped back in October of 2015 and if you enjoy the occasional dirty vocal, the electronic drop in, or even the Stone Sour like vocals of the non-dirty variety, you might want to go and check it out. Just don’t rush on stage, you may end up in a flying omaplata. Google it, trust us.


What was a special personal treat, was getting to see the next band on stage this night. The Veer Union is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based five-piece outfit that has been around for a surprisingly long time without making it seem that way. Crispin Earl (vocals), Ryan Ramsdell (guitar), Dan Sittler (guitar), Tyler Reimer (drums), and Amal Wijayanayake (bass) make up the roster for this Pavement Entertainment signed group of great musicians.

Not only were they out on the road to Support Hed PE, but also their fantastic new album DECADE, which National Rock Review was happy to review and you can read that by clicking on the title. The fellas had fun on stage with not only their own new music but even covering a Faith No More classic during the set. If you’re a fan on any level of the band, stay tuned for a National Rock Review special feature on the band coming very soon.


Their set included: “Watch You Lose,” “Bra
ve The Impossible,” “Divide The Blackened Sky,” “Bitter End,” “Epic,” “Defying Gravity,” “Borderline,” and “Seasons”.

And then it was the weather pattern that only seems to follow Jared Paulo “Jared” Gomes(vocals), Jeremiah “Major Trauma” Stratton (drums), Greg “Gregzilla” Harrison (guitar), and Kurt “Kid Bass” Blankenship (bass) or more commonly referred to as Hed p.e. This Pavement Entertainment artist that has blurred the lines on rock, punk, rasta, and soul to form one of the most unique sounds in rock today. The band is priming for the release of their tenth studio album, Forever!, slated to hit the masses on Jul 22, 2016. The Storm Warning Tour has not let down the faithful. From bracelets made of show used bass strings, to drinks among other things on stage, to classic songs to remind people of the (hed) p.e. roots the show was an experience of passion and musical artistry that spanned genres. It is our highest recommendation to catch this band if you haven’t seen them live before. Jared was having fun with the new guys and fresh blood in the band and that displayed itself on his face and energy on the world famous Realm stage.

Don’t yell at us too much, but we’d still like to hear your thoughts at our Facebook or Twitter pages about the show, the bands, or even what you want to see in the future get coverd.

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