August Burns Red recently hit Louisville with a vengeance supported by ERRA, Silent Planet and Make Them Suffer.

18-Sep-2016: A metal-hungry crowd packed Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom on Sunday evening as August Burns Red was set play. During the band changeover, a huge ovation rose as the ABR backdrop was unfurled and the crowd energy reached a fever pitch.

Moments before the guys rolled onto the stage, chants of “ABR” filled the room. The band wasted no time capitalizing on the energy in the room launching into “Back Burner,” “Empire,” and “Meddler.”

Over the next 90 minutes. August Burns Red rolled thru a powerhouse set including “Provision,” “Fault Line,” “Identity” and an incredible rendition of “Everlasting Ending” that had the entire venue jumping. Closing their main set, August Burns Red catapulted into “Carpe Diem,” “Ghosts,” “Majoring in the Minors” with a little western break thrown for good measure.

Jacob took a minute to introduce the band saying that drummer Matt Greiner was on his honeymoon in Alaska but they were not going to cancel any shows so they were honored to have drummer Adam Gray from Texas in July filling in for his final show tonight.  Introducing their final main set song, Jacob simply shouted “1. 2. 3. Jump,”  as August Burns Red shot into a super hard and energetic version of “White Washed” as they closed their set as they began with high energy.

Before dropping into their two song encore set Jacob encouraged everyone to generate a wall to wall circle pit as August Burns Red rocketed into “The Eleventh Hour” before closing the evening with “Composure.”

August Burns Red is subbing for Matthew Greiner (drums) was Adam Grey, JB Brubaker (lead guitar), Brent Rambler (guitar), Jacob Luhrs (vocals), and Dustin Davidson (bass)

Birmingham, Alabama-based metalcore band ERRA provided the main support for the evening. After working through a small technical issue they delivered a solid set including “Oasis” off of their most recent EP Drift that was well received. ERRA is Alex Ballew (drums), Jesse Cash (clean vocals and bass), Sean Price (guitar), and J.T. Cavey  (unclean vocals)

Los Angeles-based Silent Planet was second to perform. Their 30-minute set of hardcore metalcore included “Orphan,” ” a song about schizophrenia called “Psychescape” and ended with “Wasteland” with lead singer Garrett Russel finishing the song in the middle of the mosh pit. Silent Planet, whose name is derived from the C.S. Lewis science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet, is  Alex Camarena, Thomas Freckleton, Spencer Keene, Garrett Russell, and  Mitchell Stark

From Perth, Australia and making their first ever tour of North America, Make Them Suffer opened the evening with a hard and fast set of original metalcore. The circle pit was going from their first song as they delivered a fantastic, high-energy set; look for Make Them Suffer in the future.

Make Them Suffer is Sean Harmanis (vocals), Nick McLernon (lead guitar), Chris Arias-Real (bass), Tim Madden (drums), Louisa Burton (keyboards), and Lachlan Monty (rhythm guitar).

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