The Canadian four-piece, A Rebel Few, paid a visit to the Phoenix in Toronto to visit their loyal following of D.I.R.T.bags.

Based out of Cambridge, Ontario, A Rebel Few are a Canadian band composed of Chris Raposo (Vocals, Guitar), Barry Martin (Guitar), Chris Spiers (Drums), and Adam Shortreed (Bass). According to their bio, they “took all the shit they DON’T like about music and ignored it… and then took all the things they DO like about music… and they do THAT!”

They like to call their fans D.I.R.T.bags (a D.I.R.T.bag is someone who is Driven by Integrity, Respect and Trust) and coined the phrase “D.I.R.T.bags Unite” when referring to their fans, DB4L!

Our photographer, Mark Skinner, was on hand to catch these guys in action. Here are his images from that night.

A Rebel Few online:

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