Anathema crept their way into the hearts of their Chicago fans once again. 

When you’re in Chicago there is a significant energy of the city that is different than most. If you could bottle up all of that energy and put it in a small club like The Bottom Lounge for a night with the band Anathema, it would exude a type of beauty that can only be described through their music.

The definition of the word Anathema is “A person or thing detested or loathed”. The show was far from that definition… It was quite the opposite, actually. They opened with “San Francisco” from the album The Optimist, and rolled right into “Untouchable, Part 1” from Weather Systems.

The lineup consisted of singers and guitarists Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh, their brother Jamie Cavanagh on bass, siblings John and Lee Douglas, respectively drummer and singer, and keyboardist Daniel Cordoso who have been together since late 2012. Interestingly enough, in 1990, part of the band started out as a doom metal band called, Pagan Angel. When the lead singer of Pagan Angel left to pursue other endeavors, they decided to replace him with Vincent as their new lead singer, and the band turned to a more gothic metal sound and changed the name to Anathema. It wasn’t until June of 1999 when the band made a complete shift and changed their sound from doom-metal to a slower experimental sound. That exact sound is what was amplified on this tour and what the fans were all about.  

There were a couple instances when a fan would yell out names of songs from their early days and Vincent responded with “where do you work?”. “I’m a computer programmer.”, the fan said. “That’s like me asking you to start using a program from twenty years ago.”, Vincent ended with. The crowd laughed and the show went back to playing beautiful tunes.

The voices and instruments that carried from the stage, across the room, into the ears of an Anathema hungry crowd, hypnotized every single one of the onlookers. It had been a few years since Chicagoans’ hearts were pummeled with emotion by the band in a live setting, and you could tell that by the twinkle in their fans’ eyes. Chicago was one of three lucky U.S cities on their tour schedule and if you’re looking to catch the band again on this tour, you will have to follow them to Europe where they will keep the touring going until November.


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Bottom Lounge
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Event Date: 23-AUG-2017

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