The mighty, Swedish Vikings made a voyage to the Windy City to play a dominating set before two stories of cheering fans.

Metal fans adorned in their finest of leather gauntlets and drinking horns full of ale at what was to be a splendid evening of Swedish Viking music.

Unfortunately for many, and for reasons that have yet to be specified, the show began a half hour earlier than what was displayed on the Riv’s official website. For this, we apologize for not having any live stills of Exmortus in the gallery below.

On the other hand, Entombed A.D. came out swinging. The curators of fine, Swedish death metal brought all of the grind and groove that one could ask. Their set list included classic hits with tracks like, “Wolverine Blues,” as well as closing out with the signature, “Left Hand Path.”

Shortly thereafter, a two story Viking helmet was unveiled on stage with a a drum kit erected atop. A thumping guitar intro gave way to “The Pursuit of Vikings.” Amon Amarth would continue to play for more than ninety minutes in a theater auditorium filled with pealing paint and screaming heathens. Their sound and colossal production went off without a hitch. Chicago will forever maintain its loyalty to the mead-drinking metal musicians.

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