NOW… NOW LET THEM… NOW LET THEM TREMBLE…. ALL DAY! As the bands steadily rock the Masquerade.

As most Atlanta concert goers know, The Masquerade will be relocating due to the expansion of Atlanta real estate. The move, however, has not stopped nor slowed down many bands from coming to Atlanta and putting on one heart racing, upbeat, full-fledged metal show.

An up and coming band that goes by the name of Sons Of Texas started the night off.  In just two short years, they have worked with some of the most respected artists in the industry. Rocking out on stage with tracks from their debut album, Baptized In The Rio Grande, they never missed a beat as the crowd filled the venue and enjoyed the show.

Following Sons of Texas was Audiotopsy, known for their American alternative metal sound. The band lineup includes of  Billy Keeton - Skrape (lead vocals), Greg Tribbett - Mudvayne/Hellyeah (guitar), Perry Stern (bass), and Matthew McDonough - Mudvayne (drums). Audiotopsy put on quite a show playing tracks from their recently released album, Natural Causes. Atlantans jumped with every drop of the bass as they played “Headshot” and “The Calling.”

“I want to be a good man. I want to see God. I want to be faithful, but I know that I’m not. I want to be a good man. I want to do right. I don’t wanna be a criminal for the rest of my life” rings through the Masquerade as Devour the Day takes the stage.

Blake Allison gets up close and personal with the crowd as Devour The Day rocks the house with multiple tracks off Time & Pressure. With the crowd forming a Mosh-Pitt and screaming the words to “Faith,” “Respect,” “Move On,” and “Good Man,” you couldn’t help but get yourself involved and moving with the crowd.

For the main event, All That Remains take the stage letting the crowd tremble with excitement for them to rock the house down. Of course about three songs in, Philip Labonte (lead vocals) told one of his corny jokes while the sound and stage crew work vigorously to correct the problem.

About two years ago, they performed at the Masquerade and had the same issue. Fortunately, the joke this time through was much better than his last.

Once the crew resolved the technical difficulties, All That Remains never skipped a beat. As the band bellowed out “Tattered On My Sleeves,” “Stand Up,” and from their latest album, “The Order of Things” and “Victory Lap,” you couldn’t stop the crowd from rocking out and having a good time.

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