Rock, rap, funk, fusion, metal, reggae, and a wave of energy… that is what 311 brought to Detroit in a recent visit supporting Stereolithic, their most recent album.

The Wailers brought a great performance and energy to Freedom Hill. They proved a perfect opener for the show. This band captures the spirit of Bob Marley and had you dancing with the band. I saw people dancing in the pit without a care in the world like all their troubles were gone. Something particular noteworthy was their covers of two Bob Marley classics… “Three Little Birds” and “One Love”. The crowd at it up and sang along to both songs with the band.

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One of the surprising things about 311 is their stability and longevity. The band from Nebraska has been together since 1988 and has only had a few lineup changes, the last being in 1992. To their recording credit are 13 studio albums, 18 assorted compilation albums, EPs, and DVDs, over 30 singles, including numerous gold and platinum recordings. Their singles have also spent a good deal of time on the charts.

As for the performance , 311 is a band that encompasses so many genres, but it all melds down to pure celebration. The venue was full of die-hard 311 fans chanting their name to usher them onstage. The fan enthusiasm was only matched by the band’s enthusiasm, who took the stage with a show full of energy. 311 played a mix of old and new hits, leaving no fan disappointed. If you didn’t come into the show a 311 fan, you definitely left one… I know I did!

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