Rock and Roll legends Frijid Pink brought a treasure chest of classics and new music to loyal fans at the Token Lounge on Devil’s Night.

The Maggie Cocco Band has only been existence since January 2015, yet this four-piece from Detroit are wise in musical years. They get the evening rocking with original rock music that transcends time. Maggie Cocco’s voice is amazing with rich tonality and a wide range.

Her vocals are wonderfully highlighted by a band that boasts impressive chops, including the rock solid rhythm section and topped off with superlative blues solos. The audience is put on notice to keep an eye out for the Maggie Cocco Band.

Quickly becoming one of the best bands in Detroit is Nina and the Buffalo Riders. The opening notes draw the growing crowd and wrap us all in the warm embrace of sweet rock and roll salvation. The band’s stage presence is electric and makes you want to move. Thankfully the stage at the Token Lounge is large as Nina and the Buffalo Riders make use of every square foot.

The band’s sound is firmly rooted in the heart of rock with a soulful touch of blues. They play songs from their recently released self-titled EP and then play a cover of the Beatles “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.” The final song of their set raises the roof with jubilant thunder. The crowd calls for more and Nina and the Buffalo Riders treat us to one last song that raises the hairs on your arms with its magnificent positive energy.

Faithful fans gather as the legendary Frijid Pink takes the stage. This hard rocking Detroit band, formed in 1967, had a top ten hit with their fuzz laced version of “House Of The Rising Sun.” They get the show cranked up with a hard rocking song off their upcoming album scheduled for release in 2016.

The focus sticks to new material, which is fine with the audience. Rick Stevers keeps the band cooking with rock steady drumming on his vintage acrylic drum kit. Chuck Mangus (keyboards), Brent Austin (bass), and Rick Zeithaml (guitar) all trade off on vocals. The variety of tenor adds depth and soul to their music.

Frijid Pink played a fine medley of their older original material to the delight of fans. A few of them made their way out onto the dance floor. Hot blues guitar leads were shared with Rick Zeithaml and Ricky Houke. The blending of classics followed up with hard rocking new material gave their fans all they could ask for. It is great to see quality Detroit made rock churning out music for fans of all ages

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