With no script and sharing the stage with fans, 3 Doors Down changes up their musical arrangement with an acoustic back porch jam.   

Arriving into the Silver Creek Event Center located inside the Four Winds Casino, you automatically feel that this show is going to be a relaxed and fun evening for the band.  The stage is set with a backdrop of trees and a clothesline with a sheet hanging from it.  The outer surrounding stage is set with wooden deck railing with lit tiki torches attached and wooden Adirondack chairs set out for VIP guests.  The band members sit on stools spread out across the stage with their appointed coolers placed nearby. 

3 Doors Down is a rock band from Escatawpa, Mississippi, in the south-eastern section of the state.  The band is made up of; Brand Arnold on lead vocals, Chet Roberts on lead guitar and backing vocals, Chris Henderson on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Justin Biltonen on bass guitar and Greg Upchurch on drums. 

The band was formed in 1996 but didn’t hit national recognition until 2000 with their debut album The Better Life.  Since that time, the band has released six studio albums featuring 29 singles with a total of over 30 million in sales worldwide.  

Tonight’s “Sold Out” 3 Doors Down Acoustic Back Porch Jam is a version of all of 3 Doors Down greatest hits performed in a relaxed personal acoustic setting with no script to have to abide by.  To make it more intimate and personal, guests are also offered a VIP experience and allowed to sit on stage with the band during the show.    

The show begins with “I Feel You,” a non-released single from the Away From The Sun album before flowing right into “It’s Not My Time,” a song that was written for a movie but never made it into the movie soundtrack. 

As the show progresses along, Brad offers insight into the background and what the song was actually written about.  Along with some of the serious notes of the songs, he also likes to throw in a humorous comment to certain ones. 

Brad talks of the early years and when the band had day jobs before they became successful enough to not have them.  He explains that he used to drive a tractor mowing hay fields for a refinery on the south end of town.  He claims most of the song lyrics for the first album, The Better Life, were written while sitting on a tractor. 

Next, the band plays Brad’s favorite song and title track to their second album Away From The Sun before playing a fun song, “Duck And Run” that sounds good even acoustically. 

Brad notes that the show tonight allows them to get on stage and perform the songs the way they were written, adding that 9 out of 10 songs are written with an acoustic guitar.  Most songs should be able to be broken down and played acoustically, and if you can’t, you have too much “junk going on.” With that, the band cuts into “The Real Life” from the Seventeen Days album.  

This time next year, most of the songs performed tonight will have been out for 20 years.  The band is very appreciative to the crowd as they realize they wouldn’t have lasted this long without them. 

25 years ago, Brad wrote a song “Loser” about a friend he had during school and how his friend had seen himself.  The friend had gotten himself into drugs and was going down a dark path.  The latest he has heard, his friend has gotten off of drugs and is in a better place now.    

When asked if it is boring to sing the same songs night after night, they reply by saying; “actually it isn’t.  Sometimes it is hell though as it takes you back to the time when you wrote the song.  Each album is a chapter of your life and how your life was going at that time.”

In the early years of the band, 3 Doors Down was known to travel and perform up to 300 shows a year.  For a lot of years, they would jet set back and forth to Europe and back a couple times a year.  It was a great time but very strenuous and a lot of running.  Brad recalls one trip where he had been sleeping on the plane when he woke up on touchdown and wrote another favorite hit single “Landing In London.”

“Pieces Of Me” is Brad’s most personal but not very happy song.  It was written about four and a half years ago about a thought process in his head that he really needed to do, that was to get rid of the weaker side of himself.  For him, it was the previous 15 years of having to have a bottle of Jack Daniels each and every day.  The song was written when he was on a high and not feeling so far down but also needed realization of needing to be a better self and get rid of the stuff that was killing him.  The song was written four and a half years ago but took another year and a half to put those thoughts into practice.  Just a couple of weeks ago it has been three years since having a drink. 

The best part of the evening is that there is no script, and that is what it is supposed to be about, just playing music. 

The band wraps up their set with their biggest song to date, the debut single that started it all for them, the multi-platinum crowd favorite “Kryptonite.”  The crowd raises to their feet and sings along with the band before cheering and chanting as they conclude and exit the stage. 

Returning to the stage for an encore, the band continues with their large chart-toppers with “Here Without You,” the second biggest single for the band and multi-platinum hit.

The band ends the evening the same way they end every performance, by sending out their 2002 hit single “When I’m Gone” to every man, woman and family who serves this country.  Brad fires up the sold-out crowd when he hollers out “God bless you, and thank you for your service.”    

For any fan of 3 Doors Down, it is highly recommended to attend one of the Acoustic Back Porch Jams.  You will not be disappointed as Brad gives a bit of insight on the songs to help you look at it in the way that the song was written.  You will also enjoy the relaxed, unprepared show that brings the band closer with their fans.  Follow along on their web links provided below to stay up to date on upcoming shows.   

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Event Date: 02-FEB-2019


  1. I Feel You     2. It’s Not My Time     3. Not Enough     4. Away From The Sun     5. Duck And Run     6. The Real Life     7. Loser     8. Let Me Be Myself     9. My World     10. Landing In London     11. Be Somebody     12. Be Like That     13. Let Me Go     14. Pieces Of Me     15. Kryptonite     Encore: 16. Here Without You     17. When I’m Gone