Framing Hanley will release its new album “The Sum Of Who We Are” April 29th via Imagen Records. Pre-order packages are available now in three different options consisting of the following items/price points: a CD/t-shirt/poster $19.99, 12″ Vinyl LP/t-shirt/poster $25.99 & CD/12″ Vinyl LP/t-shirt/poster $34.99. All pre-orders will receive an instant gratification download of the first single “Criminal” along with a free download of the album upon release. The first 100 pre-orders will also receive a signed poster. The order link can be found here:

Framing Hanley is comprised of front man Nixon, guitarist Brandon Wootten, drummer Chris Vest, and guitarist Ryan Belcher.

The Sum Of Who We Are is the bands boldest artistic statement to date capturing the essence of innocence and hope, light and darkness, struggle and determination.

“There was definitely a dark period during the 2 years we spent recording this” states Nixon. “That’s not to say this album is some dark and brooding album. There are definitely some light-hearted tunes on here as well; some that are fun. This album is the past 2 years of our lives and is every part of our beings…that’s what the title means. This album really is the sum of who we are. The thing that I love most is, I think when the listener puts on those headphones, or puts the cd in the car, he or she is gonna listen and come to find out, hey, me and this guy have got some things in common!”

The Sum Of Who We Are track listing:
01 Criminal – 3:39
02 Twisted Halos – 3:29
03 Collide – 3:59
04 Crooked Smiles – 3:04
05 Simple Life – 2:58
06 Rollercoaster – 3:07
07 No Saving Me – 3:45
08 Unbreakable – 3:49
09 Science – 4:23
10 Streetlights and Silhouettes – 3:43
11 Crash & Burn – 3:10
12 Forever Till the End – 3:37
13 Castaway – 3:21

Framing Hanley will be hitting the road in 2014 to support the effort.

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