The Token Lounge Summer Concert Series presents A.S.S., Sordid Circle, Terminus, How I Bleed, High Mile Houdini, The Mod on July 11th.

What are you doing July 11? If you’re anything like me or countless other Detroit metalheads, you’re going to The Token Lounge for a free show featuring some of the heaviest local Michigan bands! Local and beloved Metro Detroit concert venue The Token Lounge is hosting a FREE Summer Concert Series with Sordid Circle, A.S.S., Terminus, How I Bleed, High Mile Houdini, and The Mod.

The show originally included Gypsyhawk, Scattered Hamlet, A.S.S., Dark Avenger, and The Mod. Unfortunately, Gypsyhawk and Scattered Hamlet had to cut their tour early; with promises to come back and make it up to their fans. For a while, we were all left disappointed and wondering if the show would be cancelled or not. But local metal butt-kickers A.S.S. stepped up with local rocker The Mod and The Token Lounge to keep the show going. With Sordid Circle, Terminus, How I Bleed, and High Mile Houdini joining the set list, The Token Lounge decided to make the show FREE for over 21 and $10 under.

Detroit thrash metal band Sordid Circle promise to “bring back the high energy, high intensity live metal shows of yesteryear”. Formed in 2010 and working on their début album, their heavy sound and gritty vocals promise us a good show.
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Detroit heavy metal/comedic band A.S.S. is sure to be a crowd favorite. Fronted by vocalist Brian Thomas of legendary Detroit band Halloween, A.S.S. is a five piece metal band that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The band’s name is a perfect example of their comedic side – A.S.S. is an acronym that changes at every show and has included many bands from Already Seeing Someone to Another Stupid Sunday! I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a while now, and am so happy they’ll be bringing their heavy, over the top sound to the Token. This band is the perfect blend between humor, irony, metal and power.
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Terminus is a heavy metal band from Livonia MI, formed in 2012. They recently finished recording their six song EP; A Day in Hell. After listening to their album, I am amped to see them live. Their heavy riffs and screaming vocals will get everyone at the Token on their feet.

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How I Bleed looks like a pretty new band on the scene, but after hearing their music online, I can’t wait to see them rock out the Token. Their hard-hitting sound and high energy level will get you amped for the show.
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High Mile Houdini is a mystery to me. I haven’t heard them before, and was unable to find anything about them. But that makes the show all the more exciting; half the fun of seeing local shows is finding your next favorite band. I cannot wait to see High Mile Houdini for the first time and see how awesome they are.

The MOD is a one man hard rock band that I’m already a huge fan of. Gary Modlinski started the instrumental one man band a few years back with classic covers, and has since started to integrate his instrumental originals into his shows. He is amazing on guitar and I can’t wait to see him shred again.
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The Token Lounge has been an intimate venue to see live performances of national & local acts since 1971. To a lot of local bands around Metro Detroit, it’s become a second home. This show is an amazing chance to see some great local acts, and have an awesome time for FREE. Who can pass that up? See you all there!

08:30pm The Mod
09:15pm High Mile Houdini
10:00pm How I Bleed
10:45pm Terminus
11:30pm A.S.S. Metal Band World
12:30am Sordid Circle

Token Lounge online:
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