Twelve years is a long time to be gone from any scene. Full Devil Jacket plans to recoup for lost time and with interest.

Full Devil Jacket, or FDJ for short, is Josh Brown (Vocals), Keith Foster (Drums), Moose Douglass (Bass), and Paul Varnick (Guitar). This four piece from the Jackson, TN area have been through quite a bit. After a successful crowd funding project, the new album, that was done with producer Justin Rimer of 12 Stones and Breaking Point experience, will finally be out Mar 31, 2015.



Track Listing for: Valley of Bones

01. Killers
02. Valley Of Bones
03. 7X Down
04. The Moment
05. We Got The Love
06. What if I Say
07. Blood of the Innocent
08. Picturebox Voodoo
09. Paper Crown
10. August


“The new album, [Valley of Bones], seems to be us picking up where we left off years ago. We have all grown as musicians and all have had different influences since then. It’s a great take on the FDJ sound with new influences mixed in. All we want as a band is, for everyone who hears it, to fall in love with it. We want everyone to be able to relate to each and every song. I think we have done that.” ~ Keith Foster

This is not an album that only has one sound to it through out the tracks. “We Got The Love” has a fast pace that picks up and doesn’t ever give you a chance to catch your breath. Add to it the vocals, with a slight Lemmy Kilmister sound in them, by Josh and you have a song ready to rip your heart out in a show of affection. In “7X Down” the guitar work of Paul’s is in full, blistering, force. Long chords and the sense of all the tension in the sound breaking through at any moment keeps your attention until it’s all over and done with. The bass grooves added by Moose give it that eerie feeling of being watched by the monster under the bed close to its feeding time. On the title cut of this CD, “Valley Of Bones,” shines with the heat coming off of Keith’s drum kit. His pacing brings all of the other guys into focus and points all of that energy straight into your ears.

“Picturebox Voodoo” has a very White Zombie feel to it in it’s intro but with the cleaner vocals and FDJ spin. It should translate well live and will be stuck in your head for days afterward. As an example of changing things up, “Paper Crown” does this quite well. For the rest of the songs on the release, you’ll have to pick it up when it drops. If you were a FDJ fan in the past, it’s time to come back into the fold and remember why all over again with this LP.

The first three shows for the guys tour in support of Valley of Bones is below. If they come close to your neck of the country, we’d love to hear what you thought of them live.

Mar 12, 2015 ~ Main Street Station ~ Daytona Beach, FL
Mar 13, 2015 ~ County Line Saloon ~ Melbourne, FL
Mar 14, 2015 ~ Beach Boulevard Concert Hall ~ Jacksonville, FL

Read the interview Keith Foster did with National Rock Review back in January, here.

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