Many metal bands have covered death and coming back from the dead in songs, but this is the first time it’s the band creeping up out of the coffin.

Alex Gonzalez (guitar), Chris Kasp (bass), Joseph Espinosa (vocals), Nick Fazioli (guitars), Carlo De Iuliis (drums) make up the quintet, Fayne. This Montreal metal-core band first started to make waves in the scene in 2004. Their first EP was also released that year, entitled You Took it All Away. Keeping their axes to the grindstone, the band then released in 2006 the follow-up EP, Delivering The Final Blow. As many promising bands have in the past though, the guys in Fayne called a open ended break in 2008.

However, passion has a way of coming back to life and bringing with it a few surprises. In 2013, the band reformed and started to write new material. The end result of that is the too short EP, The Queen of Kings. The guys, are currently signed with Crystal Math Music Group. To pick up a digital copy, Tunecore is the way to find this offering.

1. The Queen Of Kings (4:48)
2. Believers (4:05)
3. Isonic Flight (1:48)
4. Concord (4:55)
5. Nomad’s Land (featuring Karl Schubach of Misery Signals) (6:44)

The Fayne heavy drum sound is similar to that of Slipknot. The vocal screams are like those of Hatebreed with the more melodic breaks of Redlight King’s vibe. The band is full of nonstop energy. The hooks from Alex and Nick are great to get the pulse going along with Carlo’s relentless percussion assault. Joseph shows his vocal range quite well on this release while Chris plays lights out on the bass tracks. It’s no surprise that they are a favorite of the Valhalla Sound Circus after only one year. It’s a hint of great things to come from another good Canadian metal outfit.

The first release off of the new EP, “Believers”.

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Album Artwork: Mason Starkey

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