It’s been a while since a newly penned autobiography has been so sought after and highly anticipated. Dancing With Myself, the life story of Billy Idol, fulfills this craving.

What is most impressive about this book is that Billy Idol wrote it himself. Idol is well spoken and spot on in his recollections and memories. Even if rock is more of your forte, there is no doubt punk has a significant influence in this realm as well. It is very interesting to be transported back to the very beginnings of this genre.

billyidol-dancingwithmyself-bookcoverartWith Dancing With Myself, Idol effortlessly takes the reader into the very birth of punk music, in its humble British infancy, and ultimately into punk’s place in American culture. Idol’s true life accounts are a whirlwind of ups and downs.

In that same regard, if you’re more of a traditional rock or hair metal fan than punk per se, it may take you a bit longer to warm up to the book. Yet, even so, most are inherently Idol fans at heart. Even without a solid historical background in punk music, you’ll find yourself easily immersed in the stories and most definitely along for the ride. The fact the book is so well written certainly makes this easier.

Ultimately, there’s no doubt Billy Idol is an icon in the music world, be it punk, rock, or a combination of the two. He was a founding father of the music that we love and his book is a welcome addition into any music fans symphonic library.

Dancing With Myself was released in October 2014 by Touchstone Books.

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